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Terry Grier gets his wish: HISD will takeover NFISD

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So will students who have been sent out of class for disruption be allowed to grade the
teacher who exited them? Will students with level II, III, and IV discipline infractions
be allowed to grade their teachers? How about students found with drugs, will they
be allowed to grade their teachers? This is another crackpot idea from Terry Grier,
who has no clue about effective student discipline.

Has there been an HFT outcry? Did we miss it?

  Two of Grier's ardent supporters on the
HISD board have had ethics issues of their own

You know David Medford of Fort Bend Mechanical is having some sleepless nights
lately. If Larry Marshall, another fervent Grier supporter on the HISD board, had a
conscience, he, too, would be tossing and turning as the evidence against his blatant
misuse of the public's trust for  selfish, personal gain mounts up.  It's no coincidence
that other Grier supporters have been tainted by their own moral lapses and poor

Paula Harris took a trip to Italy with buddy Nicole West. We taxpayers will never know
you footed the bill for this excursion, as Paula Harris never released the receipts, even
though during the heat of her 2011 reelection campaign, she she said she would do so.

Greg Meyers was accused of cruelty to his ex-wife who just happened to be an HCCS trustee
with friends in the local media. Meyers also used Grier's connections at the University of
St. Thomas to land himself a job when no one else wanted him.

According to testimony by Fort Bend Mechanical's David Medford, he also paid "pay to
play cash" to Grey Meyers and Paula Harris' election campaign.  Medford is brazenly
suing HISD for failing to do its part to help Fort Bend Mechanical finish contracted
projects on time. If you ever worked with HISD's Construction and Facilities Services
department, at times as inept as any sector of HISD could possibly be, you would agree
Medford's lawsuit has merit.

Medford keeps running his mouth, digging the proverbial hole deeper and deeper. Wayne
Dolcefino is helping Gil Ramirez, Jr., in his lawsuit against HISD and Fort Bend Mechanical.
Reading the latest updates on the case, it's easy to see Dolcefino's handiwork. He just
put two and two together by releasing taped comments about Medford and in the process
uncovered more dirt on Meyers and Harris.

There's no shortage of ethics issues (see Transportation Department scandal below) in the
Grier administration.

TEAM Grier announces three new Haberman principals...and they will last how long??

The day-to-day scandal that is TEAM Grier's management of HISD
Grier got rid of administrators who actually knew how to get things done, replaced them
with Haberman hacks who can't even organize a graduation
Westside friends and family members treated badly by HISD officials, refused entrance
 to the arena for graduation


Grier's favorite principal, James McSwain, appears to be running an out-of-control
high school where students misbehave, get a little write up, and the discipline records
stay clean, just the way Grier likes it

Graduation requirements just got easier for Texas seniors: from

HISD has been obstructing the release of information pertinent to this houstonisdwatch
Texas Public Information Request made on November 27, 2012:
*Information concerning E.E.O.C. complaints filed against Scott R. Gilhousen and Patricia L.
 Collins over the past two years

*Documentation of these complaints

*Disposition of these complaints if any has been reached.

Please include complaints made directly to the federal office of the E.E.O.C. for which
HISD should have received notice.

Please redact any information mandated as private by Texas and federal law.

To date, HISD has only released one document relevant to this request after being directed
to do so by the Texas Attorney General's Office.

houstonisdwatch sent a certified letter of complaint to the Texas Attorney General's
office regarding HISD's incomplete response. houstonisdwatch also notified HISD's
Chief Legal Counsel Elneita Hutchins-Taylor that Ms. MarDock, HISD Assistant General
Counsel, failed to comply with the entirety of the Texas Attorney General Office's order.

Subsequently, the Education and Enforcement Section of the Open Records Division, Texas
Attorney General's Office, ordered Katheryne MarDock to refer houstonisdwatch's complaint
to an enforcement attorney in the Open Records Division by today, June 13, 2013.

houstonisdwatch has asked Ms. MarDock to confirm that such referral has been made.

It's no accident that Grier's ready supporters on the HISD board are linked to Marshall's corruption scandal
by allegations


*Waiting for Marshall's case "to run its course" is not an acceptable defense for trustees who refuse to take
  action now to disassociate themselves from Marshall, the most corrupt HISD trustee in recent memory
*School trustees are to be held to high ethical standards and are to serve the public WITHOUT COMPENSATION
*Incriminating evidence against Marshall has been entered in court documents and by Marshall's own claim
 he is being investigated by the FBI, SO WHY DOES HE CONTINUE TO HAVE A VOTE ON THE HISD BOARD?
Read the latest from the Houston Chronicle's Ericka Mellon

Grier claims discipline is better in HISD but fewer recorded incidents of
student misbehavior probably means principals are afraid to report them
Read complaints from North Carolina parents and Grier's habit of skewing stats
 in his favor


North Forest ISD administrators
We are pleased to announce the following principal selections for the North Forest schools. Following
these announcements, below, you will also see that we are planning to make several changes in building
utilizations in the North Forest area.

Dr. Kimberly Agnew-Borders, Principal -- Fonwood Early Childhood Center
Dr. Agnew-Borders is a proud product of H.I.S.D. schools, and served the district first as a teacher at Marshall
Middle School beginning in 1993, and went on to become a Reading Facilitator, Assistant Principal, and then
Principal of Ryan Elementary, the T.S.U. Lab School, and for the past eight years has served as the Principal of
Wesley Elementary School. Under her leadership, Wesley has maintained a Recognized or Exemplary status.
Dr. Agnew-Borders received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Texas and both her Master’s and
Doctorate in Education from the University of Houston.

Tammie Daily, Principal -- Shadydale Elementary
Tammie Daily has been a member of TEAM HISD since 1992. Ms. Daily began her career at
Fonville Middle school as a Reading Specialist and then moved into administrative roles as
Assistant Principal at Durkee Elementary and then as Principal of Highland Heights, Wesley,
and Montgomery Elementary schools. The former Region IV Elementary Principal of the Year
went on to lead the Yates/Lamar Feeder pattern elementary schools as Executive Principal.
She then spent two years at Neighborhood Centers, Inc., as Head Start Senior Director, before
returning to H.I.S.D. as Principal of Bonham Elementary. Ms. Daily is a graduate of Mississippi
State University with a B.A. in Accounting and received her Masters of Education from the
University of Houston.

Maggie Gardea, Principal -- B.C. Elmore Elementary
Maggie Gardea joined TEAM HISD in 2004, after having taught 10 years in Galena Park I.S.D
She served as an Elementary teacher and Assistant Principal, before being named Principal of
Gallegos Elementary in 2009. Under her leadership, Gallegos was named an NCEA Higher
Performing School and was in the top 10% of elementary schools for the 2013 Children at
Risk rankings. She has served as a Mentor Principal for new leaders and also as a member
of the District Advisory Committee for the new Teacher Appraisal and Development System.
Ms. Gardea received her Bachelor of Science from Texas A & M University and her Master’s
in Supervision and Leadership from Stephen F. Austin University.

Hilarion Martinez, Principal -- Thurgood Marshall Elementary
While studying to become a teacher at the University of Houston, Mr. Martinez joined H.I.S.D. as a teacher
assistant at Sutton Elementary in 1997. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree at the U. of H., he became a
bilingual teacher at Ketelsen Elementary. Mr. Martinez then served as an Assistant Principal before being
named Principal of Browning Elementary. Currently, he is the Principal of Burbank Elementary, where he
has lead the school in meeting A.Y.P., grown enrollment, and has seen a great increase in value added
scores. Mr. Martinez earned his Master’s Degree in Education from Sam Houston State University.

Mike Walker, Principal -- Hilliard Elementary
Mr. Walker, the current principal of Fondren Elementary School, was just recently named the 2012-2013
HEB Elementary Principal of the Year. He joined TEAM H.I.S.D. in 2006 when he was named principal at
Fondren. Prior to joining H.I.S.D., Mr. Walker was a classroom teacher in Dallas, and served in administrative
capacities in Hempstead and Spring Branch I.S.D. He received his B.S. in Political Science from Florida A&M
University and his Masters in Educational Administration from Texas A&M. He is currently pursuing his
Doctorate in Educational Administration through Walden University.

Rick Fernandez, Principal -- Forest Brook Middle School
After graduating from Sam Houston University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and having been
named to the Southland Conference All Academic team as a Bearkat basketball starter, Rick began his
teaching career at Westside High School. He continued teaching English at Taylor High School in Katy
before being named Assistant Principal at Cardiff Junior High. He also served three more years as a
High School Assistant Principal before returning to H.I.S.D. as Associate Principal of Scarborough High
School. In collaboration with the Scarborough team, Rick has helped raise student achievement across
the board. Rick received his M.A. in Educational Administration and will receive his Doctorate from Sam
Houston State at the end of the summer.

Pam Farinas, Principal -- North Forest High School
Upon graduation from North Carolina’s Bennett College with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics,
Ms. Farinas joined H.I.S.D. in 1994 as a math teacher at Burbank Middle School. She went on to become
Dean of Instruction at Sharpstown High School before being named Principal of Foerster Elementary.
After a brief stint as Deputy Head of Schools at KIPP Schools, Ms. Farinas returned to TEAM H.I.S.D. as
Principal of Gregory Lincoln Education Center, where she has lead the turnaround effort there and
increased test scores dramatically. Ms. Farinas received her Master of Education in Educational
Administration from Texas Southern University.

Changes in Building Utilization

1. Fonwood Elementary will be re-purposed as an Early Childhood Center for this area.

2. Thurgood Marshall Early Childhood Center will be re-purposed as an elementary school. Thurgood
Marshall was originally build as an elementary school and this change allows us to have an elementary
school in the Northwest portion of the North Forest area.

3. Elmore Middle School will be re-purposed as an elementary school.

4. Elmore Middle students will be zoned to Forest Brook and Key Middle Schools.

5. Lakewood students will be zoned to Hilliard and Elmore Elementary Schools.

6. Lakewood Elementary will be closed and not used. We will recommend that the building be t

In addition, we plan to recommend attendance zones for the North Forest area and some modest changes to
HISD school attendance areas that adjoin the North Forest area later this summer. This will allow us to make
better use of school space in these areas.

Please call should you have questions. –Terry Grier

Sam Houston HS parent writes comment supporting the observation of very lax
discipline in Grier's high schools (comments have already been written about
Austin, Westbury, Lamar, Madison and their discipline issues & wide-open cell phone
use on tests)...

The high cost of harassing HISD teachers who fight back
(The following information was obtained through a Texas Public Information Act
In a case shrouded in secrecy, Pamela Etienne-Branch (Etienne-Branch Pamela R F Thomas
Middle School Tchr, Math Thomas Middle School Regular Teacher 10 Months 60,592.00 10/5/1988)
filed a grievance against HISD which escalated all the way to a TEA hearing.

HISD did not win the hearing and was ordered to make a compromise settlement with Ms. Branch.
HISD was trying to terminate Ms. Branch.

Her case is another example of HISD administrators pursuing terminations to meet a Grier-set
quota of some sort..

The majority of trustees who voted for this termination failed to do their due
diligence by launching an independent investigation. They simply accepted the Grier
administration's recommendation and, in the process, injured the district's reputation
and exacerbated the harassment of a district professional employee.

Here is the compromise settlement which ordered HISD to reinstate Ms. Branch as a
classroom teacher. Although Ms. Branch was to have the option of being assigned
to a school other than Thomas, her assignment for 2012-13 indicates she is still teaching

HISD wasted $59,242 pursuing this termination, a sum which represents the utter
ineptitude of all HISD parties involved, especially the HISD trustees who voted to
support this termination.
Court Reporting Cost: $5,217.50
TEA Hearing Examiner Brendettae Payne: $7,331.55
TEA Hearing Examiner James G. Gumbert: $1,967.50
Kaye DeWalt, Attorney for HISD: $44,727.00

More on new principals in HISD:
Hartsfield Elementary
Alecia Bell
has been selected as the principal of Hartsfield Elementary School. Ms. Bell started her career
with Team HISD in 2003 as a reading teacher at Cullen Middle School.

Mading Elementary
Lawrence Williams
has been selected as the principal of Mading Elementary School. Mr. Williams began
his career in HISD as an elementary teacher in 2004.

Clemente Martinez Elementary
Daniel Hernandez
has been selected as the principal of Clemente Martinez Elementary. Mr. Hernandez is a
long standing product and graduate of HISD having proudly served in the roles of teacher aide, teacher and
assistant principal.

Felix Cook Elementary School
Angel Kirby
has been selected as the principal of Cook Elementary School. Ms. Kirby, a product of HISD, graduated from
Madison High School.
--Terry Grier

houstonisdwatch obtained three pages from former HISD School Support Officer
and Welch Middle School Principal Anastasia B. Lindo's personnel file.
(The following information was obtained through a Texas Public Information Act

Ms. Lindo, who began her employment with HISD in 1993, officially resigned under
pressure from HISD effective June 7, 2013.

Few tears were shed when she was removed from her SSO position and
appointed interim principal at Welch Middle School.  Grier charged her
with the task of making dramatic improvement in Welch's STAAR scores (pg. 9).

From 2012 to 2013, sixth grade reading declined by three percentage points to
20% passing; sixth grade math declined 10 percentage points; seventh grade
reading declined two percentage points; seventh grade math declined three
percentage points.

Writing scores declined five percentage points.

Only science and social studies showed increases at eleven and two percent

Lindo would not have volunteered to give up her job ($125,867). She was forced out
for ineffective leadership and failing to make academic progress on standardized testing
at the campuses assigned to her.

The interfering parent? You bet!
Harvin Moore's most recent Facebook entry:

Boarding the bus at River Oaks Elementary for Quinn's last day at the 
Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Magnet School. Bittersweet moment
both for him and his parents! He will miss both the school and the bus this summer!
River Oaks Elementary School.

Harvin Moore's Facebook page proudly boasts his support for "Waiting for Superman"
Need we say more about why he is unfit to serve on the HISD board?

Where is the NAACP on Larry Marshall?
Marshall has admitted accepting kickbacks through his secretary and campaign manager.
He will probably soon be indicted for federal crimes. He is being sued, along with HISD,
by a former HISD contractor. Isn't it time the HISD Board of Education makes a public
condemnation of his actions? And shouldn't the Houston Chapter of the NAACP 
voice its displeasure with Marshall's actions?

Anna Eastman's Facebook page:  "Vote Anna Eastman" Getting a head start of what
is expected to be a contentious campaign
Anna Milliken Eastman's page

It's June. That means the HISD trustees will rubber-stamp Grier's planned expenditures with 
lucrative giveaways to the College Board, Haberman, iSphere Innovations Partners, LLC, and
Grady Middle School, paying back Harvin Moore for the two contract extensions and
lucrative bonuses Moore snaked through a sleepy school board

(Refer to HISD board agenda for June 13, 2013, for reference points)

The second bonus Harvin Moore snaked through the disengaged board awarded Grier for
taking HISD students and teachers away from the task of teaching and learning (and STAAR
scores, whenever HISD decides we the public deserves to see them) will show any distractions
from teaching and learning were detrimental to HISD's academic progress.

Real, measurable progress isn't really necessary. Grier will state his belief that he is doing
a great job, throw money at his board supporters, and they will vote to approve whatever
he wants, public be damned.

Given Houstonians lack of interest in real accountability in HISD, the charades will continue.
Grier's friends and benefactors will continue to make money.

College Board "College and Career Readiness: Not to exceed $686,715
Grier sits as a College Board Director. He has forced all students to take College
Board exam products. There has never been a discussion among board members
if forced test taking is a positive experience or results in increased academic

Haberman Educational Foundation: Haberman is probably the biggest fraud perpetrated
on U.S. public schools ever. Haberman was nothing more than a crackpot, an idealist
who never had any outside agencies analyze his questionnaire or surveys. Blaming
the classroom teacher for everything that is wrong in public schools was an idea
Haberman and his fellow neo-liberal reformers already embraced.

The Haberman pipeline for principals has resulted in some of the worst principals in
HISD history. The constant turnover in personnel, and the complete disengagement from
the community the Haberman carpetbagger principals cause contributes significantly
to the decline HISD has experienced under Grier's leadership.

The HISD trustees will approve the proposed 2013-2014 local calendar for teacher appraisal.
The use of EVAAS in teacher evaluations remains as obtuse as ever, yet the trustees will
allocate $1,400,000 to iSpheres Innovations Partners, the software developer for HISD's
grotesquely ineffective TNTP-inspired teacher evaluation monster. Bloggers have
commented that HISD - at Grier's insistence - will allow student evaluations of teachers
to play a much larger role in teachers' evaluation. This change, along with the new
rule of treating students with suspected disabilities as a disabled student in assigning
student discipline, will further weaken the student discipline system, Schools like
Lamar, Westbury, Austin, and Deady will become more dangerous places.

This spring the discipline system at Sam Houston HS completly collapsed, causing the
campus to go into full lock-down mode. Expect more of the same.

Grier and Haberman believe students should not be disciplined as discipline undermines
the "learner's desire to learn." The campaign waged in North Carolina's Guilford County
Schools to remove Grier was based largely on Grier's lax approach to student discipline.

Grier is shielded somewhat from the worst effects of his discipline philosophy and
practice by the large number of charter and private schools in the Houston area.
Parents who care have already selected an environment safer than their local public
HISD school.

HISD board agenda for June 13, 2013 meeting

Houston A+ Challenge announces new middle school in museum

Students struggle on state exams
: from

New HISD principals

Perry signs high school curriculum, testing bill
: from
TEA head Williams, HISD's Grier pro-expansive testing views defeated

Update on Open Records Requests
houstonisdwatch appreciates requests for Texas Public Information Act documents
held by HISD. The process for obtaining documents, however, can be quite lengthy
if HISD cites protected privacy concerns and houstonisdwatch is forced to file
complaints with the AG's office

Regarding requests for special education information, houstonisdwatch was not
able to obtain information about the conflict between the Groogans and HISD - a
conflict which was resolved in the Groogans favor. FERPA concerns and family
protections made the release of any information impossible.

houstonisdwatch is currently working with HISD in the formulation of a request
to ascertain the nature and number of complaints made against HISD's special
education department.

Requests for information about Terry Grier's travel and funding for that travel are
being formulated at this time.

Today houstonisdwatch received notice from the Open Records Division concerning
a request made in early January about Pat Collins and Scott Gilhousen in  HISD's IT

HISD refused to release records. The Texas AG told them they had to release
records, but they chose to release only one document. houstonisdwatch
knew there were two relevant documents, at least, and filed another complaint
with the Texas AG.

The Enforcement Section of the Open Records Division has told HISD to
refer this case to an enforcement attorney, and gave the district five days from
June 7, 2013, to take this action.

The wheels turn ever so slowly, but they do turn.

TEA claims passing rates stable on 2012-2013 STAAR

STAAR report

Rod Paige's name involved in another fradulent project, this time in Louisiana
"...But judging from the track record of its CEO, Rod Paige, no one should be surprised if things aren’t
completely on the level. While he was serving as Secretary of Education under the younger Bush, a
major scandal erupted when it was learned that while he headed up the Houston Independent School
District, the fifth largest district in the nation, the district falsified its dropout statistics..."
Read's report

Mike Williams, TEA commissioner, said we need to do better, oblivious to
changes passed by Texas legislature reducing testing requirements

When HISD trustees ask probling questions about Terry Grier's management of the
district, they are told they are out of line. Usually the admonishment comes from
Larry Marshall or Paula Harris who shield Grier as part of whatever quid pro quo
agreements they've made with him.

Paula Harris has regularly interfered in the selection of District IV principals. She
is at it again, but this time her focus is on summer reading lists.

She wants HISD's librarians to take up the task of ensuring HISD students complete
their summer reading, and she doesn't care if librarians are off contract.  Of course,
by assigning librarians this impossible task, she is giving material to HISD
administrators for future non-compliance conferences for the record.

Will Governor Perry restore school funding? from

"Public school trustee" praises KIPP
KIPP Care: Allowing parents to shun even more of their parental duties by trusting
(and paying) KIPP to do it all
New KIPP:Care Will Include Child Doping Benefit
Since corporate school cult leader, Mike Feinberg, left his KIPP superintendent’s duties in Houston for the
full-time pursuit of national brand saturation, KIPP teachers report chaos at a number of the KIPP stores
schools around Houston, with mass retentions, administrative meltdowns, faltering test scores, and mass
teacher resignations. What will it take to restore order?

The KIPP marketing team may have come up with an answer with the new lucrative KIPP:Care, which promises
to offer KIPPster treatment for everything from anxiety to zits. That will include testing, evaluation, and prescribing
for behavioral disorders like depression (what compliant child could be depressed at KIPP!), hyperactivity, and, of
course, that catch-all for any child who can’t remain still for 10 hour stretches, ADD or ADHD.
Continue reading "
New KIPP Care will provide child doping benefit"

Lead Principals?
houstonisdwatch received a tip from an HISD principal on January 28, 2013, concerning
the lead principal position. At that time Grier had talked about the ineffectiveness of
the School Support Officers and the need to provide principals with more instructional
assistance rather than just monitoring for compliance issues.

TAKS Exit Level Performance 2013 (issued May 24, 2013)

HISD TAKS Retesters April 2013 performance

Bellaire High School STAAR scores

While it is sad that Larry Marshall is being investigated for wrong doing, its worse that he continues to
sit on a school board of a public school system. HiSD would remove someone from their position if they
thought someone took a paper clip or an empty envelope out of a school or office. But I guess its ok for
Larry Marshall to be investigated amd have the district pay for his defense to boot. While everyone is
innocent until proven guilty, why has Larry Marshall not been removed until this investigation is over? H
ISD ought to be ashamed of themselves. Wake up TEA cause these are the people you want to hand NFISD to?
oh my goodness!!!
by Right On?

Westbury teacher, under fire for an entire year, represented by HFT's highest
paid attorney whose recent email to her essentially said "you're on your own,"
was given a last minute reprieve this week
The lesson to be learned from this case (teacher did not want name used here)
is simple: Fight HISD at every turn in the termination process; be professional with
your principal but challenge every derisive comment written or spoken about
you; enlist professional legal help, whether the union or private attorneys; and
debunk HISD's case against you to every ally you have ever had in HISD, including
your local HISD trustee if you live in the district.

houstonisdwatch lent support to the teacher by filing a Texas Public Information
Act request for information about her service record in HISD and the reasons her principal
put in writing for carrying out this termination. HISD does not like defending terminations
to the public because, in many cases, there is no defense for forcing principals to find more
and more teachers to dispose of.

TEAM Grier's hatred of teachers and its obsessive-compulsive behavior to terminate
more and more employees are the  epitome of its anti-Christian, anti-humanist, anti-
employee, pro 1% elitists, and anti-children belief and practices.

The war on teachers waged by the unethical Grier administration won't be stopped
until a new board is elected in November - that is, if a new board can be elected.
No matter the outcome of the upcoming election, teachers on the termination
block have to
wage a war of words (Part 13, Know your enemy: The Intelligence Strategy)
against HISD.

FYI: houstonisdwatch will submit a Texas Public Information Act request for the
final 2012-2013 employee roster which should include administrative reassignments and dismissals
made by Grier since the last employee roster posted on this site (April 2013).

North Forest graduation ceremoney bittersweet
: from

HISD tutor accused of punching student on the last day of school: from

Westbury HS EOC scores
Algebra 1
2012 66%
2013 64%
Change -2%

2012 83%
2013 83%
Change 0

2012 65%
2013 62%
Change -3%

Read 1
2012 45%
2013 53%
Change 8%

Write 1
2012 35%
2013 32%
Change -3%

Under Bertie Simmons' leadership
, Furr is working hard to change image

Mom outraged
when son fractured skull at an HISD school and no one called 911; HISD
in excuse mode now from


HISD trustee Larry Marshall asked a federal judge Thursday to put a bribery lawsuit against him on
hold as a criminal investigation is underway, according to court records.

U.S. District Court Judge Keith Ellison in turn has ordered Marshall to produce “documents proving
that he is under criminal investigation regarding issues that overlap with this lawsuit.”
Read Ericka Mellon's report posted on

Please note: I have visited the Pearson site. The only 2013 STAAR information there is what HISD 
released to houstonisdwatch through a Texas Public Information Act request.
Pearson site  has historical HISD testing information.
TEA site has state averages, not district results.

The information about the  HISD Transportation Department comes from a highly placed insider
who knows all the players.  Grier and his buddy Bobadilla know all about Nathan Graf's
abusive management but refuse to do anything about it. Graf is one of Grier's loyal
soldiers. In the Grier administration, loyalty alwyas supercedes doing the right thing.

The HISD trustees, as usual, are afraid to speak out or have made trade-offs with
Grier, the benefits for which require their silence.

With trade-offs to the College Board and Teach for America allowing Grier and Harvin
Moore, respectively, to hold directorships, the involvement of the Greater
Houston Partnership in running HISD, making decisions that benefit its membership
above the needs of Houston's children, and the corruption of Larry Marshall  NO trustees
have publicly condemned, the current HISD administration is probably the most corrupt in history.

Imagine if you are a parent of a Bonham Elementary School student and your child is
going to have to deal with another new principal, the sixth in five years.

But, hey, as long as the economy in Houston is good, no one gives a damn, right?
It's make a dollar and screw everyone else, isn't it?
The following members of the Houston ISD Transportation Department have left in the last two years
due to the incompetence and mis-management of the department by Nathan Graf:

Aric Taylor - over 10 years at Houston ISD - now Assistant Director at Conroe ISD
Jerry Marquez - over 10 years at Houston ISD - now Director at Coldspring-Oakhurst ISD
Laura Villanueva - over 10 years at Houston ISD - now Assistant Director at New Caney ISD
Paul Youngjohn - over 15 years at Houston ISD - now Director at KIPP Houston
Jeff Prowell - 2 years at Houston ISD - now Assistant Director at Humble ISD

All of these individuals left in the last couple of years since Nathan has been the director. Nathan has
stated publicly that he will no longer hire management staff from the outside because he only wants people
that will be loyal to him. This is why he is hiring people from HISD food service with no experience in
transportation. He only wants loyal servants. All of the individuals above would still be at Houston ISD if it
were not for Nathan Graf.

Nathan Graf is trying to get rid of his number two man, Larry Allen, Senior Manager of Transportation Support,
because Mr. Allen is ethical and stands up for what is right. Nathan hired Larry Allen from the outside and
Larry has a significant amount of transportation experience. Nathan is trying to eliminate this position as a
way to get rid of Larry Allen. In fact, Larry Allen was supposed to be gone June 1, 2013 but that was put on
hold due to the investigation by OIG and EEO. Nathan is trying to eliminate the position of the whistle blower
and he will probably succeed. Larry Allen's position ,which he is trying to eliminate, is the same position that
Nathan Graf held for several years under Bonnie Russell before he was promoted to General Manager.

Chester Glaude, Senior Manager of Transportation Operations, is now Nathan's right hand "yes" man. When
the transportation department was reorganized in 2010, Glaude was not selected to be one of the two remaining
terminal managers. Before the reorganization, there were four terminal managers and after the reorganization
there were two terminal manager who would each manage two motor pools. At that time Nathan Graf stated that
Glaude was a 4 or a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 when it came to being a terminal manager. Glaude was moved to
Transportation Safety. Several months later, Nathan Graf promoted Glaude to be the Senior Manager of
Transportation Operations. The Senior Manager supervises the two terminal managers who Graf stated
Glaude was not qualified to be one. Figure that out. Not good enough to be a terminal manager but good
enough to be their boss. Why? Simple, Graf had found him a loyal servant.

The department is completely dysfunctional and the staff work in fear on a daily basis. True leadership is needed

New data shows school reformers like Grier are just plain "full of it"

Major education bills headed to Governor Perry's desk
: Will he sign bill that alienates
testing giant Pearson and further the prospects of ambitious Dan Patrick?
Will World History and World Geography be combined in new curriculum?

HISD: 18 principal openings; 481 teacher vacancies as of June 6, 2013

Position Type:
Cert. Administrative - Principal/Principal
Date Posted:  5/30/2013  Location:  Sugar Grove Academy
Date Available:  08/01/2013  Perfomance Contract
Months: Salary Minimum: Salary Maximum:  12 $74,460 $119,410

The HISD board used to be interested in loyalty and stability…
Seems like a lot of HISD children are already plagued with instability in their lives,
so how does more help them?

Principal (2013-2014) JobID: 5581
Position Type:
Cert. Administrative - Principal/Principal  Date Posted: 6/3/2013
Location: Bonham Elementary  Date Available:  08/01/2013 Performance Contract
Months: Salary Minimum: Salary Maximum:  12 $69,360 $114,310

Lamar's McSwain under fire from parents for his handling of I.B. Program
What was really eye opening for me as a I.B. teacher predicted
my daughter would get a high score on her history exam. She didn't. We spent
all last summer dealing with the fallout from Lamar's poor in-class preparation,
and I.B. teachers who are new at their jobs and, obviously, woefully underprepared.

This is really what is going on at Lamar. Experienced teachers--who cost more--are shoved out for
younger, cheaper paid teachers. One of the best teachers my daughter had--David Weiss--longtime IB
Spanish teacher--cared about the kids, had a wonderful IB pass shoved down to freshman
grade level Spanish. He retired.

It is really sad what Dr McSwain is doing to Lamar. It's been going on for years...but to me...last year's
IB diploma stats are a clear sign of the destruction.

McSwain's Theory of Knowledge class is another waste of time. Teacher does not really know
the material. Kids are suffering as a result.

Lamar is my neighborhood school but I will not be sending any more of my kids there (I have
three young ones). James McSwain is so buy pleasing Terry Grier he is neglecting the
needs of his own students

Thank you.

Frustrated Lamar I.B. Parent.

Lamar's McSwain has a surefire solution to student
cell phone use during class time: Ignore the problem

Lamar Principal James McSwain's solution to student cell phone use? Ignore it
Check out the
Lamar Student Handbook. There is not one mention of student use
of electronic devices during the school day. When I visited Lamar several years
ago, I noticed students on cell phones in the hall and during gym classes.

Lamar's riot last spring caused in large part by student use of social

Makes you wonder about I.B. students use of social media during I.B. exams,
a topic I.B. would be very interested in exploring.

Do you believe Westbury students used cell phones during exams?
Why not, especially since a Westbury student was able to
call in a bomb
threat from in-school suspension
on the Westbury campus

Job openings in Spring ISD
Job openings in
Spring Branch ISD
Job openings in
Fort Bend ISD
Job openings in
Clear Creek ISD
Job openings in
Cy-Fair ISD
Job openings in
Katy ISD

Gregory-Lincoln finally free of Pam Farinas...but pity the poor kids and
parents in NFISH who may have to endure her if the merger goes through...

(Graf Nathan J Transportation Gen Mgr, Transport Administrator 12 Months (Ex) $122,100.00)

Nathan has been under investigation from the Office of Inspector General and EEO for over
a month. He is under investigation for workplace violence and lying to the state about transportation
reimbursement rates. Transportation Senior Manager Larry Allen has a tape recording of Nathan Graf
telling him to lie on the state report.

Also, Nathan just hired a food service employ for the position of Senior Manager of Transportation Terminals.
Two years ago Nathan hired Chandra Robertson from food service in to the same position. All the Senior
Management in HISD Transportation has no experience in transportation What would the public think of
this? It is a joke! Grier and Leo Bobadillo have known about this malfeasance and just stood by and watched.

Unfiltered First Blush
STAAR Results Late April 2013 Testing
Includes HISD middle school campuses

Yes, HISD is taking its time releasing any spring testing results
However, HISD is not being held accountable by the state for this year's results.
Principals, teachers, and students are, however.

In response to an Open Records request regarding STAAR results, houstonisdwatch
was given the following information:
*STAAR results for grades 3-8 are still being processed and will not be available until mid-June.
*STAAR EOC results for grades 9 and 10 will likely be available at the end of June/beginning of July.

HISD is looking for 477 teachers

STAAR Scores
houstonisdwatch has also submitted a Texas Public Information Act request for
STAAR scores.  No word yet on when they will be released.

An Texas Public Information Act has been submitted by houstonisdwatch to obtain
copies of her transition paperwork.  houstonisdwatch has information that the
paperwork is a formality. Grier sent Lindo to Welch to process her out of HISD.

Gayle Fallon infuriates special ed. parents
"...Just because you don't testify doesn't mean you don't talk to people," said Gayle Fallon, head
of the Houston Federation of Teachers. "We asked special ed teachers and not one of them
wanted cameras in their classrooms. Not that they are doing anything wrong: it's just an
uncomfortable work environment."

She said she communicated to lawmakers that the bill was an over-reaction to a rare problem.
The Texas American Federation of Teachers registered opposition in committee but did not testify..."
Read the
complete Houston Chronicle report.

Waiting for Grier to defy jude's orders by naming NFISD principals
Grier conducts a
tele-town hall with NFISD
It's late in the day for Grier to make principal appointments and get the full district's attention

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