The Grier travesty endures because 24 votes went to
Manuel Rodriguez, not Ramiro Fonseca. Never again!

Use comment tag below to express your opinion.
wants to hear from you, especially from HISD insiders.

Grier engineering an exodus of A.P. and I.B. teachers from HISD
Grier pressures schools to put more kids in these classes, qualified or not,
forces all enrolled students to test, and now wants to downgrade teachers
when scores are not high enough (whatever Grier determines)

Notice of a survey announcing connecting A.P. & I.B. scores to the TNTP
assessment instrument:

Subject: AP Teacher Appraisal Survey Forthcoming

Greetings AP Teachers,

The HISD Research and Development Department along with TNTP (New Teacher Project) have
designed an AP Teacher Appraisal matrix that will become a part of the HISD Teacher Appraisal
and Development System.

The TNTP group has designed a short survey to run a test of this appraisal matrix to ensure that
the design of the matrix is appropriately correlated to student performance on AP exams.

Please assist us by populating the survey before you leave for the summer. Your assistance
with this is very much appreciated.

Thank you and please be on the lookout for the survey coming from TNTP.

Best and congratulations on another good year,

AP/IB Team
Houston Independent School District
4400 W. 18th Street
Houston, TX 77092<>
713 556-6000

Social conservatives face challenges
in SBOE elections: from

Concerns about unfair evaluations continue....and not much help from union
Hello....HELLO....anybody out there????? Somebody please help us......UNIONS????? Where are you guys????
My dues keep going up, and are taken out of my check, so AGAIN...where are you guys??? HISD is harrassing,
bullying, and terminating teachers left and right and what are we getting from UNIONS for our dues????? Why
are you NOT helping us while we are still employed and instead of waiting until we are fired to then swoop in
and try to save us with your worthless attorneys!?!?!?! Why are we and other unions coming together to march
on HISD? We back them when under attack, where are they now that we NEED them??? Again....HEEEELLLLLLLL
PPPPP.....anybody out there.....HEEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOO?????? Guess we are on our own!?!?!?!
by Someone help us PLEASE........ (May 20, 2012)

@ Get it Right next time! Hold up a minute sister, I am with watchful on the issue of evaluations! I myself and
probably a lot more teachers do NOT want principal wannabees like department heads and magnet coordinators
evaluating me! I believe it you can't be evaluated by one of your peers which would include department heads and
coordinators because they themselves are teachers! If they can evaluate me, than I better be able to evaluate them
in return! AND many of these people got their titles and jobs because of who they know NOT what they know! So
please you need to get it right because again these people can be trained as well as other staff members BUT
that DON'T make it right! I too see a huge problem if thie is trully going on on that campus!!! AND what is the
principal and her flunkies doing that THEY can't do THEIR jobs???
by Jackson Middle School Employee (May 19, 2012)

You ARE on your own. When Dr. Grier started his reform, he counted on three things: apathy, fear, and greed.
Apathetic parents have allowed their children to be used as guinea pigs in Dr. Fryer's Apollo experiment. While
appalled at the district's treatment of their fellow teachers, most teachers are afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation
and loss of employment. Finally, Dr. Grier's new breed of administrators (or, if you prefer, "hit men") have proven
more than eager to destroy good teachers' careers in return for an attractive salary and a place in HISD's inner
circle. Grier wins. Game over.

In the past two years I have written Dr. Grier, Paula Harris, and the remainder of the HISD Board of Trustees. I
have written Margaret Downing at the Houston Press and Ericka Mellon at the Houston Chronicle. Finally, I have
written Senator Rodney Ellis. For whatever reason, the aforementioned parties do not find the demolition of HISD

I'm lucky. By the time my high TAKS scores and nice EVAAS numbers were deemed not a "good fit" for HISD, I had
already qualified for retirement. My heart bleeds for all of those teachers who haven't.
by Thomas Iocca (May 20, 2012)

Another dedicated education professional lost in the drive to put Grier's agenda ahead
of all others:
Some advice?

I am out of teaching forever. I love it, but can't count on supporting my family with the "here today/gone
tomorrow" policies of HISD.

I have a bad reference from a principal in my file. I would love to use it to point out how frustrating HISD
policy is:

I was told that the bad reference couldn't be removed, but that the Central Office wouldn't count the reference
as the principal wasn't credible? How can a principal not be "credible" and still be in her position?

And I felt like Alice in Wonderland, the principal isn't competent enough to offer a credible reference, but I
can't remove her bad reference?

And then I get attacked by a board member just slinging accusations at me? Really? Word to all HISD
employees: The Board reads these posts and feels at liberty to assign whoever they think is "responsible"
for them? And then attack that employee? (BTW to said Board Member: I'm sorry that the teachers don't like
you. But I'm not in charge of them, I can't control them and they are adults. If you want them to like you, try to
talk to them and see why they're upset. I'm not your PR person.)

Now, I'm just a VERY ANGRY TAX PAYER! In fact, I'm thinking we need a board recall. I would be glad to
publish my bad reference to show how hard-working teachers get slammed just because administrators
don't "like" them (are we in Elementary school here? What happened to professionalism?)

Thanks for all the advice! I look forward to hearing it!
by Longtime Associate Teacher NO MORE (May 20, 2012)
(Editor: We can assume a non-credible administrator is one who doesn't routinely kiss Grier's butt).

Advice from Marc:
Longtime Associate...take your experience and passion for what you do elsewhere! Believe other school
districts would be happy to have you AND they know what is going on within the boundaries of HISD AND they're
more than happy to take on the fantastic people that HISD deems unfit for their district! HISD is talked about and
laughed at for all studpity currently taking place at HMW and beyond! For years other districts have been standing
by happily taking as many teachers as the ignorant fools in the leadership roles in HISD want to send their way!
Why do you think HISD has 100's of openings while other districts do not. It's all in the way you treat people and
right now HISD hasn't got a clue about how to do it! Peofessionalism has escaped HISD and the current administration
and until it returns teachers will continue to look elsewhere for better opportunities to do what they love and that is
teaching AND not being threatened, bullied, or harrassed by unqualified principals, a doofus for a stupidintendent,
and a board where many of the members are only in it for themselves, family, and friends enriching themselves at
the cost of the most important ones in this whole debacle and that is the kids who have NO voice! They are counting
on their teachers NOT anyone beyond their classrooms for security, opportunities, and chance to be the best they can
be, BUT the administration is destroying their dreams by using their evil powers against teachers and other staff the
kids see daily! HISD IS changing BUT NOT for the better and until Grier and many others are ousted.....HISD will
continue its downward spiral into the bowels of hell! The only way to stop this madness without further destruction
of schools, careers, and lives is for voters to wake up, step up, and say..."enough is enough" and vote them out
ASAP!!!! AND the ones NOT up for re-election...start marching on HMW and even their homes to let them know......
WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR CRAP and WE ARE NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!!! Revolt! Recall! Refuse to allow it
by Marc (May 20, 2012)

Vickie Rumrill, former Elrod principal, now an ESL teacher at Emerson,
replaced by Linda Bellard because Elrod was only Acacemically Acceptable
under Rumrill? No, Elrod was Recognized in 2010-11.
Elrod AEIS 2008-09 Academically Acceptable
Elrod AEIS 2009-10 Academically Acceptable

Chris Cesar, HISD's dropout czar, also reported to be on the way out

According the DAC minutes from Jan. 2012, Caesar worked for the Texas Education
Agency before joining HISD and he monitored districts performances statewide.
Cesar stated as follows the districts attempt to increase graduation plan: 1) school /
community collaboration, 2) safe learning environment, 3) family engagement,
4) mentoring/tutoring (Apollo), 5) police mentoring program, 6) alternative program,
active learning,career technology education, and 7) HCC Literacy. He said the dropout
rate in HISD decreased by at least 10% this past year.

Cesar joined Team HISD in 2011. One year was enough for him. Why can't
Grier retain his own hires?

Working for Grier is incentive to look for greener pastures
Assistant Superintendent Martha Salazar Zamora joins HISD's administrative
Apparently, Zamora has seen and heard enough. The way Grier conducts
district business has done her in.

In addition to working on the Intervention and Assistante Team, Ms. Zamara sat on the
Superintendent's Parent Advistory CommitteeShe was well thought of in school
support services. 

She is making a lateral move to Round Rock ISD and probably will earn close to
her HISD salary of $116,775.

"We need to stand up to school administrators not join them in the cover up
from Jesse Alred's blog:

Friday, May 18, 2012
We need to stand up to school administrators, not join with them in their cover up conspiracy

When I first met Gayle Fallon I was standing in the old administration building and had just moved from a
community organizing job into HISD administration and after I introduced myself she said "now you went
over to the other side."

I did not see it that way, I did not to see managers and teachers of schools as opposed to one another,
because if that were so, what would it say about our public schools?

Now I do see at that way, a product of some hard experiences.
Continue reading Alred's blog.

Rats in classrooms but Fondren is looking good
HISD has always had the combat rats, a problem exaccerbated by turning
classrooms into early morning McDonald's. Of course, Fondren's rats
probably are on holiday. Too much noise from Broad Prize upgrades
and cleaning.

Today HISD crews are working on the grounds, putting mulch around the
recently planted trees. Perhaps Broad will do a roundtable in the new
Fondren gardens?

Take back that man's $60K bonus!

Not only is Apollo a disaster, but thanks to "Breakfast in the classroom" we now have RATS overrunning
our schools! They are chewing through school supplies. And for all those people out there saying "Let's
ave healthy food"? Can we start with no RAT PEE OR POOP on our children's food?

And there's a bunch of sick kids out there right now. If they are sick due to these rats? Let's run
T. Grier right out of town on a rail!
by RATSSSSSSSSSSS!!! (May 18, 2012)

Abstention votes mute a message that demands reverberation
Abstention votes: Criticize or simply ignore?
You've seen the article, "HISD board narrowly upholds teacher's
firing in cheating case." 

Five trustees abstained. Two of the five also abstained during the vote
to renew Grier's contract, Ronda Skillern-Jones and Juliet Stipeche.

Paula Harris and Larry Marshall abstained along with Anna Eastman who missed
half the meeting.

Mellon reported that "Juliet Stipehce and Rhonda Skillern-Jones didn't think
the evidence against Conner was conclusive."

So how does that judgment result in simply refusing to vote?

The muddled message didn't help Detra Conner keep her job. It sends
half a message of protest of Grier and his policies.

We need striking anti-Grier votes to make impressions on an apathetic voting public.
The lives of students and teachers are more important than the board appearing to be
congenial and - for the most part - in agreement.

Take principal awards with a healthy dose of doubt

Several decades ago I worked for a principal who was constantly hanging new
award plaques on his office walls. At first we congratulated him, but as the
bare space on the wall disappeared, we became suspicious.

Before the internet, you went to the card catalogue and the magazine index to research.
That's exactly what we did, looking up the names of the sponsoring organizations on
the awards. Nada. No luck finding any of these "organizations."

We decided to contact the trophy shops in Houston. As we suspected, the so-called
award winning principal had been ordering these trophies for himself tirelessly inventing
the names of organizations to award himself and pad his resume.

The "Presitigious Principal" awards Christian Winn, Linda Bellard, and
a number of other HISD principals supposedly won - these awards are
about as valid as my former's boss's plaques and trophies.

I just went to the link that has video interviews of "Role Models" and "Prestigious Principals." I sarcastically use
the term "role models" because there is a certain car dealer on there who is a womanizer. Yeah, like I will teach
my children to be like HIM. Anyway, I need to go to the drug store and buy some aspirin because I am about to
**** on myself after watching Bellard's interview. Her video opens with three descriptors: "Compassionate...
Supportive...Optimistic." More like "Condescending...Micromanaging...Antagonistic."
by NAST-T (May 17, 2012)

Marshall wants more HISD $$ for his own projects

From Ericka Mellon's tweets:
"trustee Larry Marshall asks what can be done to have district's health insurance cover trustees.
Attorney says it's legal but rare." 20 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

In addition to paying for the defense on his involvement with Fort Bend Mechanical and alleged
deal-ripping against the Gil Ramirez Group, Larry Marshall now wants you and me to pay for
his health insurance
Hard to believe, isn't it? Larry Marshall wanting to suck even more resources from HISD...he is a
retired HISD administrator. He should be on Medicare as he is at least 80 years old. Larry
Marshall is doing nothing to help veteran teachers in the district and he has not commented on
the abundance of older, black female teachers targeted by Grier and his henchmen.

Any doubts about his supposed retirement should be confirmed. Why would Marshall would retire
when he still trying to use HISD for his priorities and is a yes vote for whatever Grier wants.

Living legend? Try legendary embarrassment - that's what Larry Marshall is to HISD>

Another parent writes about pulling kids from HISD:
To the whole wide world, I do not even know where to start. I thought long and hard before writing this
hoping that someone would have the nerve to do something. I have reported matters in and outside Elrod
and nothing has been done. There are some great staff members at Elrod, but after being degraded and
talked down to by the administration I have decided to pull my child from this facility. My child received a
good year under his teacher but I can feel the tension all over this campus. I do not want my child going to a
school were there is a battle going on. I do not know where the problem lies but after basically polling every
teacher on campus, I must say they are not satisfied with the principal and her admin team. The concern
is that Elrod is the last stop for washed up principals. Elrod,as the teachers feel, is a principals last stop
before doom. I want to know why this woman was dumped here. You would think that if you failed at one
school you would go into another one with a different strategy. No she came with the same stuff from
Blackshear according to the teachers from that campus. No change. Ok magnet. The school offers no
magnet that is just a name. Nothing medical going on. This school has at least four teachers out of the
classroom doing nothing. Why so many people out of the classroom from what I have been told. I have
witnessed admin team members degrade teachers out in the hallway in front of parents and students.
Also the pick up system is a hot mess. Children can pretty much do what they want at this time. Fighting
all in the streets. It's like wild animals. Also a big time problem with bullying too. Nothing has been done
about this but I must say the bullying starts at the top. I have asked the teachers to do something to help
themselves and they say we have spoken to her but she does not listen at all.
by Fed up Elrod parent (May 17, 2012)

Gayle Fallon called weak on pay raise plan criticism: Call it Age Discrimination
Gayle Fallon is weak on discrepancies in pay raises. She needs to call it what it is:
by Teacher2 (May 17, 2012)

More comments on Grier shafting veteran teachers with discrepancies in pay raise plan:

If you are a new teacher, who wants to earn one of the highest beginning salaries in the nation, even if you
have never taught before or have no teaching credentials or education, you are the perfect candidate for HISD.

If you are an experienced, well-respected, well educated, highly qualified teacher, who has more than ten years of
teaching experience, HISD is not the place for you. The fact is, they do not want you. If you missed this memo previously,
read into Dr. Grier's pay raise recommendations.

Again and again, including today's recommendations for pay raises, this leadership has expressed disrespect and
disregard for experienced, well-respected, credentialed teachers. The leadership once again has expressed this
disrespect by recommending a 1.75 per cent raise for professional employees (with more than ten years of experience)
and upper level administrators.

The inexperienced teachers, who are already receiving an extremely high salary relative to an experienced teacher,
would possibly receive a 2.25 per cent pay raise.

No wonder HISD loses about 1,000 teachers each year, through attrition. Who would want to work in a district
where you are unappreciated, disrespected, and out and out insulted, over and over again?
by Teacher2 (May 17, 2012)

HISD's little known Magnet/Vanguard policy revealed:
This was posted on a Facebook school related page -

I found out today that HISD has a little publicized policy of canceling all Magnet and Vangaurd wait lists
the first day of school. This year they are talking about moving it back to August 18th. That means seats
at high demand schools will stay empty, while there are still kids and parents out there praying to get in.
Think this is wrong email which goes to Lupita Hinojosa who is over the office
of school choice. I was told today if they get a lot of email they will change this rule!!

If you are concerned please send an email!!!
by What??? (May 17, 2012)

More complaints about Grier's hand-picked principals - from South Park Parent:
What should I think when 20 teachers are leaving my childs school? When I ask the teachers they
are to scared to answer any of my questions...when I got the office they dismiss me. I will be shopping
for a new school fast because Alcott is not the loving school of 2 years ago. I so miss Mr Scott this
new principal Dr. Price has ran the school into the ground.
by South Park Parent (May 17, 2012)

from Be Enlightened:
And yet another slap in the face to Veteran Teachers. This guy just wants to cleanse the district of the
most dedicated, loyal and proficient teachers he has, the Veterans! What a disgrace he is. Another
despicable move after years of no raises. He gives the lame excuse they need to up the anti to recruit.
Ya gotta be kidding me! One disgraceful move after another and more to come folks, you can bet on that!
by Be Enlightened (May 17, 2012)

from peasant kicked in the butt AGAIN!:
The Wizard of the Evil Empire gets a $60,000+ bonus!!! and teachers over 11 years will get about a
$4.45 raise in a paycheck BEFORE taxes which will probably amount to a negative raise after taxes.
This district sure has priorities straight! When is the next generation of students ever going to be a
priority here? Every single one of those over-lords at HMW need to be assigned a class to teach and
no! they can't be absent. Their bonuses completely contingent on those student scores. No! their yes-
men or secretaries can not plan, grade, create, do anything for those classes. The "out-of-towners"
need to see what is really really going on in classrooms and not at the schools that are still trying to
perform acceptably!
by Peasant kicked in the butt AGAIN! (May 17, 2012)

Grier is always looking for new, cheap labor, just like his Greater Houston Partnership
Raises for teachers = 2.25% raise for 10 years and less experience

1.25% raise for 11 and above. What?

This is Grier's doing. Says it will help with recruiting. Thanks for nothing!
by WOW! (May 17, 2012)

Unhappy with Houston Chroncile reporting and the Greater Houston Partnership...
from Boycott the Chronicle:
Sick and tired of them. They are not news and are corrupt. The only way to make these people
understand anything is to hurt their money! Same with the Greater Houston Partnership. Boycott
their businesses!
by Boycott the Chronicle (May 17, 2012)

Grier wants absolute control - that's why he keeps close tabs on board members and never
wants them to visit schools

Where are the trustees when their schools are in trouble? They should be having lunch in those cafeterias
and walking around. The students will tell them a thing or two. Do any of them ever get out? Or do they just
hide in Central Office?
by Knows the score (May 17, 2012)

One reason Dadoush gave Texas Watchdog's Mike Cronin for his abrupt resignation was he couldn't
respond to board members or parents; Grier & his Guilford County buddy Bobadilla want everything
censored, or in their words, "consistent messaging"

Dadoush: "“Our limitations on communicating directly with all stakeholders, including Trustees and other
cabinet members, have made it impossible to move this Department to the next level of performance efficiency,”
Dadoush wrote. “The ‘muzzle’ that was ordered on me and other department heads has made it impossible
to do our jobs effectively.”
Read Cronin's report.

Grier offers veteran teachers a raise of about $5.25 a pay period
Grier offers equivalent of Happy Meal to HISD veteran teachers
from Ericka Mellon's report:
The Conroe, Cypress-Fairbanks, Fort Bend, Klein and Pasadena districts have proposed or approved
3 percent raises for all employees next school year.

Spring Branch ISD plans a 2 percent salary hike, and Clear Creek ISD agreed to pay a one-time stipend
of 3 percent.

In the Houston Independent School District, Superintendent Terry Grier on Thursday proposed varied raise
amounts for different groups of employees. The plan drew criticism from the teachers' union president,
who said Grier was slighting veteran teachers.

HISD teachers with 10 or fewer years of experience would receive pay increases of 2.25 percent, while
those with more time on the job would get 1.75 percent raises.
Read complete report.

The Broads are not universally acknolwedged for helping public education
Comments on the Broad Award:
If HISD wins, well-deserved recognition for HISD staff or further
empowerment to the destructive Grier agenda?

From Be Enlightened:
Well, maybe someone from that "prestigeous" Broad Award has read this website and can see how
bad things are under this leadership. Think about what teachers have said in regards to their unqualified
principals, think about disgruntled parents wanting to pull their kids out of HISD schools, think about those
within the district posting behind the scenes happening daily and let us not forget all the posts concerning
blatant nepotism and cronyism. Cronyism getting board members BFF millions on the backs of teacher cuts.
And let us remember as more are RIFFED, we certainly would not want to cut those ASPIRE bonuses. I can't
see why HISD would not be a front contender.
by Be Enlightened (May 16, 2012)

From Marc:
Everyone should go on the Broad website and leave messages and also it has the other school districts
going for the award. Hmmmm...I believe it also has email addresses for these other districts AND their board
members! Maybe we all need to start emailing THOSE board members and give them a "heads up" on thier
competition and put the word out about how "wonderful" HISD really is!?!?!?!? I almost threw up with that last
statement....ROFLMAO So let's all put the word out how great HISD is and let them all read this site and

Different point of view:
@BeEnlightened and Marc........but wouldn't the Broad be confirmation of teachers' hard work? Don't we
deserve this recognition? This award goes well beyond Terry Grier. I'd like to have it as recognition of us!
by Different point of view (May 16, 2012)

Who is awarding people Linda Linda Bellard and Christian Winn 'Prestigious Principal Awards?"
Probably this organization:
Role Models in Action. At least the photographs of winners
in Google images links back to this site.

Many former teachers of Blackshear Elementary will attest to the FACT that this woman is a
bully who IGNORES facts. "This is not a gotcha-game." Yeah, right. Bacon Sandwich.
by NAST-T (May 16, 2012)

From Right on Nast-T:
I hear you. We have to deal with "This is not a I gotcha-game" too. Linda Bellard is a destructive force that
makes all women look bad. Truly ignores anyone but she keeps a band of idiots by her side at all times to
reinforce foolishness. I am pretty sure a crackhead can get the Prestigious Principal award. There is nothing
prestigious about her. Her stupid mantra-We have to agree to disagree is used for everything. Teachers do
not have supplies-We have to agree to disagree. It is Wednesday-We have to agree to disagree. Lunch is
delicious-We have to agree to disagree. Her other famous line-you can out live a lie but you can not out live
the truth. She needs to heed her own advice.
by Right on Nast-T (May 16, 2012)

New John Hopkins study cites abstenteeism's ill effects; 15% of U.S. students are
chronically absent from school: From

Sam Houston's faculty reported to be very disgruntled with high staff turnover predicted - from
Continue to be Amazed at Sam:
The number of teachers leaving Sam Houston keep climbing, we are now close to 40!! Mr. Alaniz, Crump
continues to run everybody off - what's it going to take for you to get the message? If you will check the records,
you will see some of the best people that have been at Sam for years were so desperate to get out, they took
whatever was available on other campuses the last few days of the open transfer period. Perhaps if great things
were happening on campus and folks just needed a change of scenery then that would be different, but CLOSE
to 40 in MAY? Open your eyes!! And just a piece of info, keep an eye on all of the graduation records - it's that
time of year and things always happen on our campus. Our number of graduates surprisingly increase at the
last minute. Makes you go hmmmmm ...
by Continue to be amazed at Sam (May 15, 2012)

we should add planting trees, painting, you know, putting on a facade
Grier goes all out for Broad visit show.  Has HISD CFS planting trees at Fondren MS
to show off. Aren't there more serious CFS concerns about other HISD campuses??
Grier fails to inspire principals; If he finds HISD to be so unappealing, why doesn't
he leave?  Ah, key phrase from NEW RE-ORG: He would not listen
Dr. Grier has stated today that we will have a reorg... 3 Elementary chiefs based on Board members...
more information to follow.

Also the presentation that he shared with the principals this after was really BAD... he kept mentioning
everything that was WRONG with our district... not what is going WELL...

Does not look good on us getting the BROAD Prize with THAT presentation... Principals tried to help him fix it..
He would NOT listen.
by NEW RE-ORG (May 16, 2012)

The New Teacher Project releases surveys by HISD teachers
Executive Summary of Spring 2012 teacher survey
TNTP Mid-year appraisal

These instructional strategies were rated most essential, just as they had been on PDAS:
PL-2: Collects, tracks and uses student data to drive instruction
40%  Teachers
47%  Appraisers
PL-3: Designs effective lesson plans, units, and assessments
47%  Teachers
49%  Appraisers
I-1: Facilitates organized, student-centered, objective driven lessons
42%  Teachers
56%  Appraisers
I-2: Checks for student understanding and responds to student misunderstanding
48% Teachers
50%  Appraisers
I-3: Differentiates for student needs by employing a variety of instructional strategies
44% Teachers
63% Appraisers
I-4: Engages students in work that develops higher-level thinking skills
44% Teachers
48% Appraisers

TNTP mid-year appraisal

Results show teachers who see a TDS more often will rate the TDS process as effective
68% of teachers who have seen their TDS more than three times “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” that their
TDS is a useful resource in their ability to grow as a teacher compared with 29% of teachers who have
seen their TDS once.

 85% of the appraisers who “Strongly Agree” that TDS are frequently at their school are “Satisfied” or
“Very Satisfied” with the support they provide. Among the appraisers who “Strongly Disagree” that TDS are
frequently at their school, 0% are “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied”.

Survey results show buy-in by administrators; teachers, not so much
At this time in the school year, appraisers have a more favorable view than teachers about the system’s
impact on instruction and the quality of teacher appraisals in HISD.

 70% of appraisers “Strongly Agree” or “Agree”
that “The appraisal and development system allows
appraisers to accurately assess teachers' instructional performance.” In 2010, only 28% of principals
“Strongly Agree(d)” or “Agree(d).”3

 60% of appraisers “Strongly Agree” or “Agree”
that “So far this year, the appraisal and development system
is helping teachers improve their instructional performance.” In 2010, only 20% of principals “Strongly Agree(d)”
or “Agree(d)”.

 57% of appraisers vs. 31% of teachers selected “4” or “5”
on fairness scale (see figure 2.b and 2.d)4

 81% of appraisers vs. 43% of teachers “Strongly Agree” or “Agree”
that teachers are receiving useful feedback
about their instructional performance under the appraisal and development system.

However, when asked to reflect more on specific aspects of the system and its outcomes, a majority of teachers
do respond positively
to specific components of the system that should help increase fairness (see figure 2.f).

Teacher perception improves with higher mid-year formative ratings, satisfaction with the district and how
effective the teacher views their appraiser. Perception decreases slightly with years of experience, with first
year teachers spiking higher than most other teachers.

Looking the other way, even encouraging principals to run businesses on the side, is a Grier
innovation in HISD
HISD requires administrators to sign conflict of interest disclosures. Currently, there are no
official statements that the few HISD principals who operate businesses on the side are
violating their signed statements. However, it's possible to follow the letter of the rules
on the signed disclosure statement yet violate the spirit of it.

After all, how easy is it to separate the day into two distinct parts when the principal part
lasts, or should last, into the evening hours?  Furthermore, shouldn't the standard for classroom
teachers be the minimum standard for principals? Maybe in the age of route learning for
standardized testing, there aren't any student hand-written papers to grade. Just scan
the test papers and look for the next SIO-generated test.  Of course, creativity is
lost, and regardless of the personality composition of a classroom, the students are
subject to the same cookie-cutter approach to instruction that has them thinking about
alternate ways to get a high school diploma.

Many teachers in HISD are laboring late into the night  grading and preparation. They do
have a second job. It's a volunteer job where they extend their day job.

Modeling, remember that? How can a principal who shuffles off all of his evening duties
to assistants be modeling anything but slackerism? Before Grier, principals were
thought of as vital community members. Now, when principals move around, sometimes
forced and others just to maintain some sanity, the principal-community connection
takes a back seat.

And families? A school principal working a second job with young children at home...not a
model for parents to emulate, most likely.

Scarborough's Jason Catching's signed Conflict of Interest/Disclosure form

Here's the Washington Post's take in "Principal's side business raises questions..."

Roland Fryer's successful stragegies for charter school success: Relentless focus on
academic achievement...for HISD's principal/private entrepreneurs, relentless must
stop by 5 p.m...

This Pennsylvania principal ran her school like a business and ended up suspended

Will having an MBA make a principal more effective?
Bellard: Another prestigious HISD principal: You betcha!
Linda Bellard claimed ignorance when severe bullying took place at her last stop in HISD and
poor reviews at her current one; At Blackshear, a student attempted suicide as a result
of being bullied but Bellard took no responsibility for her failed leadership

"...Houston ISD spokesman Norm Uhl has claimed “no comment” with respect to the day’s event. (This seems to be
typical of HISD whenever this or similarly controversial actions are being addressed). The principle of Blackshear
Elementary, Linda Bellard, claimed she had no knowledge of the bullying. Assumingly, if she had been informed
by the teacher (as is the appropriate action on the teacher’s part) Wednesday would not have taken place. However,
the teacher responsible is being reviewed for disciplinary action and the substitute will not work again at that school.
Furthermore, the school has held an assembly on bullying and is planning on reinforcing the balcony so that jumping
off would be less viable in the future. Houston ISD sent out letters to parents encouraging them to report such behaviors
(bullying etc) and directed them to go straight to the principle if they find that to be necessary..."
Read NowPublic's complete report.

From Gone but must speak on Bellard:
Can someone please help me to understand why Linda Bellard is still within HISD? She has to be the worst
administrator ever. ELROD Elementary has been a stuggling school and yet they bring this woman to finish it off.
She failed at Blackshear and now, her destiny is to do it again. She blames teachers for everything. Why could she
not accept responsibility that it is her and not the school, students, or teachers. Elrod has some great talent. These
bright young teachers are getting out of the field because of this woman. Why isnt anyone investigating this? I have
done my time, but I really hate to see young teachers-strong teachers whose students are doing something that has
never been done before-leave the field of education. These young teachers need someone strong that can guide their
careers. I mean, if you have teachers who have minority students reading way above grade level and performing and
growing-why harass them all the time. For me to see young teachers leave for other careers because of the lack of
leadership and organization-it is really sad. She does not support them at all. They have had relatives donate items
to their class because this woman refuses. She dislikes anyone that knows more than her. I mean,she has ivy league
teachers and do not know what to do with them. She has instructionally strong teachers-only allowed to serve their
classrooms because she is flat out intimidated. These girls are very smart and extremely pretty-that is the main
problem. She dislikes them because they speak up for students too. Hey, this is not right. These kids deserve better.
Once, they say that-all hell breaks loose. If you are a good principal, check these teachers out. They do not deserve
to be there. Give them a better experience of HISD.
by Gone, but must speak!!! (May 15, 2012)

Linda Bellard, running off teachers and turning off kids:
Many have already enrolled in law, business, couseling, administration, and they are quite capable. They talk about
5 years for new teachers, Linda Bellard is averaging 1 year max. I am extremely upset that this school has about
10-15 teachers leaving. To see young teachers crying because they hate their dream of teaching due to this one
administration is just not right. At times, I think central office do not know about this type of treatment, but then when
you have been around as long-they know. They just do not care. Effective teachers are leaving the profession. Teachers
that have shown results. WHY? You have effective teachers in classrooms-you just choose to not keep them there
because of the incompetence of the administration.
by Gone, but must speak!!! (May 15, 2012)
(Editor: Bellard's continuing employment by Grier as a principal is further proof that his administration puts the needs
to children dead last in the hierarchy with no regard to sustainable adult relationships in the lives of kids.)

Mike Lunceford, HISD board president
Don't underestimate soft-spoken Mike Lunceford; Remember, he did not vote
to extend Grier's contract

In the dust-up over Issa Dadoush's abrupt departure from HISD's unwieldy Construction
& Facilities Department, Dadoush blasted Leo Bobadilla's management (remember,
Bobadilla was recruited by Grier for this position; they apparently were buddies in North

Mike Lunceford, HISD board president, had this to say:
From HISD board president Mike Lunceford: “Mr. Dadoush was very well qualified for his position and
will be missed. I am asking the Superintendent to review Mr. Dadoush’s comments carefully because in
all resignation letters there is always some truth to their concerns.”

“Furthermore,” he wrote, “colossal time is wasted in minute details, trivialities, voluminous paperwork,
unnecessary meetings, while losing strategic direction of the projects and essentially abandoning leadership.
This bureaucratic and gate-keeping philosophy (blocking all alternative flows of information) is not sustainable;
it is inefficient and has been exhausting for our human and financial resources within CFS (construction and
facilities services).”

Keep in mind, had Dadoush been offered a raise and/or a new position, we wouldn't hear a word from
him criticizing Bobadilla's management. Dadoush may not have been able to implement more
efficient organization in HISD, but he sure got the hand of self-promotion as a means of survival.
CFS is afflicted by people who play that game all too well (Busby: are you reading?)

Our advice to Mr. Lunceford is to look at the instructional side, too. Reread the paragraph beginning
with "Furthermore." If you teach in HISD, you know Dadoush could have been writing about
testing, school improvement officers, and teacher development specialists, as well as the
minutia created by self-serving promotion-driven principals who have no real connection
to the schools they are supposedly leading and the kids they are charged with serving.

Dadoush takes a dig at Bobadilla and board members who ask for information....Why shouldn't
board members get information when they request it without having to go through filters?
What are the implications of Bobadilla's comments on Larry Marshall's upcoming trial?

from I_need a new board member
So, i just read on that Issa Dadoush resigned his position as facilities general manager.
He wrote in his resignation letter that he felt "muzzled" by HISD. Leo Bobadilla asked him and others
npy to directly respond to board members. Hmmm. I wonder why? Some board members make decisions
without guidance and keep everyone else out of the loop. (Schools-who cares? Tests-no problem!
Construction money-bah.Fraud and lies-no one has to know.) Leo, Leo, Leo-cleaning up after Grier
is a hard job. He is probably used to it. They worked together in North Carolina and got a hefty raise
when he came to HISD. If you dig hard enough and google Leo and his work in Greensboro you will
read interesting things he did for Grier. BUT going back to Issa-good for you,brother. It takes guts to
stand up to bullies and he did it. Now-who will stand up against Greg Meyers and the others that need
to step off the board block?
by I_need a new board member (May 14, 2012)

Will TEA investigate HISD? Probably not. TEA's budget has been slashed....from Marc:
Also, what about the other article about TEA investigating two charter schools for nepotism and
administration paid way to much! you think maybe, just maybe TEA needs to start
digging into HISD and this board for all the nepotism and huge amounts of money being spent on
all the top administrators that are doing very little to improve student test scores while sucking up the
most money! Never happen because of the connections HISD and TEA seem to have because otherwise
how could HISD get away with all the BS they are doing and the huge amount of money they're wasting
doing it!
by marc (May 14, 2012)

From HISD Parent:
@ marc you are right! I just read the same story and you mean to tell me that TEA and the state are so concerned
about these two charters and a few million dollars while allowing HISD to cut teachers all the while wasting tens of
millions of dollars on the failed Apollo program and other "pet" projects? Will the insanity ever end????
by HISD parent (May 14, 2012)


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