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Break in at Revere MS
: two arrested: from

Out-of-touch Terry Grier, traveling somewhere in California, will make principal
appointments to NFISD that will have no validity. As usual, the only relations
Terry Grier knows how to have are bad relations. See's update.

HISD's takeover of NFISD halted: Another update
NFISD attorney Chris Tritico accuses TEA chief Williams of illegal actions

Firm being sued along with HISD by Gil Ramirez Group, Fort Bend Mechanical,
is now suing HISD

This latest development does not bode well for Larry Marshall or HISD

; Randle Richardson, associate of Grier and Fallon, sells CEP as
school was beset by financial problems and negative press
Randle Richardson & Gayle Fallon; Fallon criticizes the ACLU, not the HISD administration

Signs of a coming revolution in America's education system

Another Team Grier screw-up: This time it's Madison High School's
"Senior Celebration Fees"  Fox News has the story

SECRET TAPE RECORDERS; Sherman ES Cardenas-Agular, Arnelia 2 ES (2 year contract)
This report came in today about Cardenas-Agular and Sherman ES:
The principal at Sherman Elementary told a first year teacher that if he signed his district letter of
resignation right there on the spot, she'd give him a good reference, but if he didn't, he would give
him a bad one

Also, a movie was shown to students who could pay $1. Unfortunately, they only had time to see half
the movie They were sold sugary, fattening treats inside the movie room. Students who didn't bring a
dollar were harassed by the principal who shouted at them, "Why aren't you supporting your school?"
One boy explained that his mother needed the dollar to ride the bus.

These allegations demonstrate why you need to be willing to take your supervisor to the mat.
A T.E.A. grievance along with a media release could have been produced. This principal's
career should end over these incidents if the allegations are true.

No surprise here:  Perry-appointed TEA Chief Williams contradicts Obama's
Department of Justice by stating HISD will annex NFISD

Parent Revolution
: another front group for chaos-creators like Grier:

Laptop for every student? H1ow about a working intranet & internet connection
for every HISD teacher?
Yesterday was the second day of frustration for teachers and secretaries in
various parts of HISD as the internet connection crashed, making it impossible
for teachers to enter grades and clear student records. Payroll submissions
were also stopped until HISD's highly paid (and greatly expanded) I.T. Department
found its way out of the latest mess.

Here is part of an email sent to houstonisdwatch from a frustrated HISD teacher:
Internet down for 2nd day in a row. It was fine til 7:55 am! And then went down... Guess someone got to
hmw & decided we didn't need Internet to do anything about closing school!  
Transfers? Everything is electronic now & we can't do anything!! So just how do they think they can so
thus laptop thing with this nonsense? & how much is that tech guy being paid?

DOJ to HISD: Not so fast
If Sheila Jackson-Lee played an integral part in making this hold a
reality, she is to be congratulated. HISD has no business taking over
NFISH. The Grier administration can't even run HISD.
See ABCLocal story.

Spring Branch ISD currently has 89 teacher openings
122 openings in Spring ISD
138 openings in Katy ISD
Fort Bend ISD vacancies
Openings in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

Warning to teachers considering HISD: The teacher evaluation instrument and 
methodology are biased, confusing, and punish even good teachers

HISD needs 532 teachers
as terminations continue

Wheatley HS, Barbara Jordan principalships open, along with a number of
ES principalships 
In diverse Dallas ISD, Hispanic leaders wonder where Hispanic trustees are

houstonisdwatch appreciates the thoughtful comments posted about defending
teachers who are threatened with terminations

In correspondence with this website, teachers have expressed pessimistic
attitudes on the part of attorneys who advise them to "take the money and run."

Yes, resigning with some cash and a clean record is better than being terminated.
However, a teacher who was in good standing under PDAS (still the Texas standard
for evaluating teachers) has now been forced out of the district. How can that
ever be seen as a victory?

As one blogger stated, the only way to create real change to HISD is to elect
new school board members in November and give Grier's supporters minority
clout on the board.

This means, of course, Harvin Moore, Greg Meyers, and whichever candidate
the Boris Miles' machine picks to fill Larry Marshall's seat must be defeated.

There are 258,321 individuals living in Houston who visit this website. With focused
effort and a willingness to work hard, we have enough firepower to change the
make-up of the board, remove Grier and his supporters, and bring positive
change to HISD for its students, parents, and teachers.

Cops go undercover to bust special needs kid for pot
: Why are police
so desperate to throw kids in jail?

Seattle teachers, students win historic battle
over standardized testing

Signs say it all: "Miles, go away" as Dallas Sup reaches out to community 

Praise for Bryan Bordelon from Mandarin Chinese School parents
The name of the person that is said to replace Bryan Bordelon is Chao-Lin Chang from Austin ISD.
He is currently an assistant principal at an elementary "Blue Ribbon" school. Andrew Houilahan
said that they are still "interviewing" for the position even though a lot of people familiar with HISD
say that the choice has been made a long time ago.

Bordelon has drawn criticism from a few parents and a couple of pto members who for some
reason seem to not like him because he doesn't do what they want him to do. Unfortunately, these
loud voices complained to Harvin Moore, Drew Houlihan, and Terry Grier. Iit is my impression talking
to other parents that most of us are happy with Bryan Bordelon and feel that he wasn't really given
a chance. He built a good school with quality teachers.

Lawsuits filed against Eli Broad's KB Homes
- Will the truth finally come out?

What's happening with Alisa Zapata who is on a 3-year principal's contract?

She paid her money expecting representation
houstonisdwatch received an email this morning from a teacher who had been
targeted by TEAM Grier for termination. She is a member of the union, and, in fact,
was represented by the union's highest paid attorney.

Unfortunately, the teacher has not been able to reach her attorney by phone, nor has
he returned her phone calls.

This past Friday, he sent her a text message informing her she will be fired Tuesday,
June 6, 2013.

Draw your own conclusions. Where is the anger against these unnecessary terminations?
Where is the public outcry against the Grier administration?

Texas Senate okays budget with big increase for education: from

Stevenson MS principalship open & advertised. What's happened to...
Zapata Alisa C Stevenson Middle School Principal, Middle School Z Stevenson Middle School
Principal Middle Sch 12M 94,520.00 8/17/1995...?

Graduation plan options to be redesigned too

AUSTIN — High-stakes testing of high school students would be rolled back and graduation standards would
be revamped under legislation that House and Senate negotiators agreed to Friday.

Students would have to pass only five end-of-course tests to graduate, instead of the current 15, under the
measure hammered out by a conference committee. The legislation could be presented to the full House
and Senate as early as Saturday.
Senate Education Committee Chairman Dan Patrick, R-Houston, sponsor of the measure, said the proposal
represents the best of earlier bills passed by the House and Senate.
Continue reading report

The self-serving nepotistic world of Harvin Moore & his associates
The individual sent to fire Byran Bordelon was Andrew Houlihan
(Houlihan Andrew Gray Chief Of Major Projects Chief Major Projects Officer B Hattie Mae White
   ESC Administrator 12 Months (Ex) $167,887.50 7/1/2010)
"Drew" Houlihan's daddy is best friends with Grier.

And, my oh my, hasn't little Drew moved quickly up the power hierarchy and salary scale!
In February he was a mere SSO:
(Houlihan Andrew Gray M Elementary School Office 1 School Support Officer Hattie Mae White
ESC Administrator 12 Months (Ex) 124,643.75 7/1/2010)

By the end of April he had risen to "Chief of Major Projects"
In the employee roster for September 2012, Drew Houlihan isn't listed. 
See the connection between Harvin Moore, Terry Grier, and the Mandarin Chinese School?

Drew Houlihan has no special talent. If he had been required to interview for jobs, he wouldn't
have gotten this undeserved promotions. The school board, led by Harvin Moore, has abrogated
their responsibility and their authority in all personnel matters to Grier.

When little Drew went to the Mandarin Chinese School to fire Bordelon, he was just plain
ugly, very rude, very condescending. How ironic for a man who didn't do anything to earn
his position in HISD to treat with such disrepect a man who did go through the interview process
and was selected and highly recommended for his job.

And, by the way, where do you think Gayle Fallon is in the Grier manipulative management
of people scheme? What's her reason for staying silent as teachers are publically trashed by
Terry Grier on Fox TV? Think about it.

Why do I teach?

Thomas Iocca interview with Greg Groogan (and video)

HISD security officer
accused of inappropriate touching goes before judge:

Chinese Mandarin School parents witness Harvin Moore's blatant interference
Bordelon draws praise from parents; Austin HS AP rumored to be named new principal
...the name of the person that is said to replace bryan bordelon is chao-lin chang from austin isd. he is currently
an assistant principal at an elementary "blue ribbon" school. andrew houilahan said that they are still "interviewing"
for the position even though a lot of people familiar with hisd say that the choice has been made a long time ago.

bordelon has drawn criticism from a few parents and a couple of pto members who for some reason seem to
not like him because he doesn't do what they want him to do. unfortunately, these loud voices complained to
harvin moore, drew houlihan, and terry grier. it is my impression talking to other parents that most of us are
happy with bryan bordelon and feel that he wasn't really given a chance. he built a good school with quality
*Moore has been brainwashed by a few MCLIMS PTO members
*Moore and these PTO parents gave Bordelon a hard time all year because
 they wanted to run the school, making trifling complaints about him
*Some PTO parents think, for example, their kids should be allowed to be tardy without
Would you care to know more about the situation at MCLIMS?
Exclusive to houstonisdwatch from a Chinese Mandarin School parent:
My child will continue to go to school here, so I would like to remain anonymous.I am worried that my child
will be affected later on in the HISD program if I am vocal. These people are the very worst kind of people.

You are spot on about him wanting to run the school. He and a few key members of the PTO wanted to run the
show and when they were met by opposition from Bordelon, they conspired to get rid of him
. Biggest complaints
about him from PTO conspirers? He doesn't say "hi" all the time. He doesn't let me walk in tardy with my child.
His relationship with his Vice Principal is too good. He makes me sign in at the front desk when entering the
school. I don't like how the pick up line is set up. He doesn't have a weekly blog. He doesn't "thank me" enough
for all the "things" that I do at the school. In order to have his ear, the PTO president has made sure she is
friends with the Moores. She has made sure her child is friends with their child. Harvin doesn't even know
he's being manipulated by an attention seeking housewife from the 'nice' side of town. Again, these are the
very worst types of people.

Although "interviews" are being held for the new MCLIMS' principal right now. There is rumor that a principal
from Austin ISD is already spreading the word that he is going to be the new principal. He's been doing that
for weeks now. How is he connected? Let's see. Terry Grier appointed Andrew Houlihan who is his godson
to take over support at MCLIMS. Andrew is from Austin ISD. I wonder if that is how he knows the candidate.
I wonder if that candidate knows what he is walking into. You may want to double check the godson fact,
but I have heard that from two reliable sources.

I thought Grier had an absolute no hiring "pals" stance?

Concerned Parent

Are HISD administrators on Grier's TEAM using sex to advance their careers?
Some readers find it offensive when bloggers comment on the sexual practices
of HISD administrators, especially those who have risen through the ranks of
TEAM Grier rather quickly, and especially those who have demonstrated incompetence
more so than anything else.

Is it fair to comment on what we suspect, and in some cases, what we know?

Bringing sex into the workplace is both unprofessional and unethical. What are we
to do when people who have supervisory power over us engage in sexual
relations as a means to advance their careers?

Are we being just plain naive not to go there?   Is sexual harassment in some form
or fashion rampant on Grier's team?

HISD principal selection process places high premium on screening for race
Why have assistant principals been recruited by "Academic Services" to attend principal
screening sessions even when they have expressed no interest in obtaining a principalship?
From: Academic Services
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 2:26 PM
Subject: Administrator Interviews

One of our five core initiatives is to have an effective principal in every school. Our goal is to ensure
that all our campus administrators are instructional leaders and decision-makers with clear expectations.
To advance as an administrator, all candidates complete a centralized screening process which includes a
structured, in-person interview. In reviewing the files of all current Assistant Principals and Deans within our
district to determine whether or not you have previously participated in this process, our records indicate
that you have not yet completed the structured interview as of May 9, 2013.

To facilitate completion of the process, the department of Human Resources will schedule you for a structured,
in-person interview over the next two weeks. Please expect an invite from HISD Campus Leadership. Please note
that your appointment time has been set by your Chief School Officer to best coordinate all interviews. If you are
not able to attend at your appointed time for any reason, please contact your Chief School Officer as soon as
possible to consider other options.

On your scheduled interview day, please report to Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center, 4400 W. 18th
Street, Room 3C02 at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Additionally, please bring a formal resume
and cover letter with you to the interview.

For additional information, please contact your Chief School Officer.

*If you're a parent of a child at the Chinese Madarin School, you have every right to
raise questions about Mr. Bordelon's removal, Harvin Moore's involvement, and
any special favors being granted to the Moore "family."  You'll need to be persistent
to get the truth from Grier and Moore, both habitual liars.

Rejected for the Bellaire principalship, Grier sends her to Jeff-Davis
From: Grier, Terry B
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 12:40 PM
To: High School Principals; Middle School Principals; Elementary School Principals
Cc: Chiefs; SIO's (
Subject: New principal at Davis HS

Davis High School
It is my pleasure to announce Ms. Julissa Alcantar-Martinez as the new principal of Davis High School.
Ms. Alcantar-Martinez comes to us from Galena Park ISD where she is currently the principal of both
Woodland Acres Elementary and Woodland Acres Middle School.


HISD only needs 547 teachers, and it isn't even June!

The rise of Pearson, or follow the money

Former Attucks teacher & houstonisdwatch regular Thomas Iocca lashes
out at Apollo Program on Fox 26 news

At it's launch it was called every bit as critical to Houston's future as "putting a man on the moon".

This week the radical school turn-around program called Apollo 20 will complete it's third year, time
enough, according to some experts, to tell whether HISD Superintendent Terry Grier's controversial
program has achieved any or all of it's lofty ambitions.

Fox 26's begins a review of the program through the eyes of a former teacher pushed aside in the
rush to Apollo.

If you walked into Attucks Middle School chances are you'd struggle to find an educator whose spent
more than three years on the campus.

That's no accident.

A key component of HISD'S Apollo program was the systematic purge of veteran teachers on campuses
deemed "underperforming".

"It just looked like they wanted to gut the faculty and bring in their own people," said Thomas Iocca, a
former teacher at Attucks.
Continue reading myfoxhouston report.


Harvin Moore is the worst kind of school board member. He chastizes others for interfering
with Grier's management of HISD, management that is so bad HISD had to hire a $400,000
a year consultant to guide him, and ceremoniously pushes throuugh a pay-back bonus
and contract extension for Grier after the November bond.

These transgressions of Moore's pal in comparison to his blatant interference at the
Chinese Mandarin School where his son just happens to attend.  We can put the disclaimer
"alleged" in front of interference, although several highly placed insiders have reported
that Moore wielded the hatchet on young Bryan Bordelon.  Apparently, Harvin Moore
wanted to run the school without the interference of the legal custodian of the school
and its students, Grier-appointed Principal Bordelon.

Bordelon's star is not diminished through this ordeal, although the young principal
has learned a lot about dirty big city school district politics.

What exactly transpired to push Moore to remove Bordelon has not come out yet, but
it will, just like Greg Meyers' interference at Westside had Paul Castro moved to Lee
when Castro refused to change a discipline assignment for a student whose parents
had clout.

Harvin Moore always puts his interests ahead of everyone else's. When asked, he
will deny any wrong-doing, just as he denied knowing about the latest round of teacher
firings by TEAM Grier to houstonisdwatch.

Moore and Meyers are both up for reelection. Will the taxpayers finally wake up and
remove them both? By then, Moore will have selected the next-coming-of-Moses to lead
his pet Mandarin Chinese School.  The new guy better do what Moore tells him to, right?

A principal writes: Why new evaluation system is unethical: from

New magnet school hopes to foster interest in energy industry at a young age:

Is the road back for Democrats paved with education dollars? from

Ericka Mellon/Jason Spencer emails (updated at 4 a.m. May 20)
Mellon asks Spencer for Grier evaluation back-up documents
HISD's statement onRace to the Top
*HISD's statement on STEM teacher grants
*Mellon looking for a story
*Promotion of Principal Shadowing event
*Shadowing event leads to $15,000 donation to Cullen MS
*Spencer sends Mellon link to this document from Courthouse News
*The same day Mellon inquires about cost of TNTP, HR Chief Watson sends out HISD's
 update of the TNTP teacher evaluation program

Chief of Staff Pola defers teacher evaluation question to HR
Mellon questions how much HISD has spent on New Teacher Project & how much was spent
 on technical consultants
*Mellon referred to Rodney Watson for information about teacher evaluation
Dogan ES and Fleming MS on lockdown
Mellon to meet Zandra Aguilar, Eliot ES principal & Ms. Torres, teacher, for interviews
Mellon to interview Assistant Superintendent for Special Education about difficulty of
 teaching bilingual special ed. students
*Mellon attempts to talk to teachers
about new evaluation system
After bond election, Mellon trying to obtain bond poll
*Spencer: "We send press releases...or propaganda."
*Question about meeting notices to media
*Chris Barbic's name
pops up again
*Spencer takes Mellon to task for Larry Marshall story right before bond election
 "story before...election...grossly unfair..."
*Mellon to Spencer: How is $150,000 from Broad doled out?
*Spencer provides Mellon with "some perspective" on HISD's overly generous
 leave time payouts
Mellon investigating Ms. Troutman, former principal of Crockett
Mellon filed Texas Public Information Act request for every HISD employee's leave
  record from 2009-20012

*"Tuesday in New York City":
HISD is ready to win Broad award
*Harris County treasurer
opposed 2012 bond
Mellon planned story on HISD's renovation of Dowling's bathrooms
*2007 & 2012 bond work
go on simultaneously; 2012 bond work has begun
HISD addresses critics of 2012 bond who use 2007 as rationale
What's done with surplus bond money?
Grier announced that this year's freshmen at bond-designated schools could be in their
 new schools by the time they're seniors
Mr. Arredondo at Austin is in training
Email shows community was right to be outraged over HISD's taking Grimes money
 away to spend on other (Paula Harris) pet projects
Money targeted for Grimes was shifted to Lockhart
*Melon & Spencer quibble about HISD's overall enrollment which Spencer claims has been
 steady at 205,000 for twenty years
*HISD issues press release to the Houston Chronicle
Mellon makes Texas Public Information Act request for summary of teaching ratings
from TNTP-evaluation system
2011-2012 Summative Teacher Evaluation Ratings
 1 "Ineffective" 1%    2 "Needs Improvement" 12%   3 "Effective" 62%    4  "Highly Effective"   25.5%
Orlando Riddick, Chief High School Officer, comments on Charles Hopson's passing
Mellon inquires about HISD employee arrested on child porn charges
HISD gets a "D" on its school lunch program from physicians' committee rating healt
 & nutritional value of school lunces
*HISD's lunch program fell far behind Dallas ISD which earned a "B"

Texas Legislature passes bill which requires teachers to work until age 62
before retiring: from

What could have happened here if a handful of votes had swung to Ramiro Fonseca
Irving ISD critics sweep school board elections; superintendent must change to survive

Continue reading DallasNews report.

Budget deal restores $4 billion to education

Budget deal expected today:  from

Targeting Texas (from red-to purple-to blue): from

Is Rick Perry trying to cut education funding? Yes, Houston rep. Sylvester
Turner says: from

Texas House backs bill expanding charter schools


Ericka Mellon/Jason Spencer emails
*Mellon on Blue Ribbon schools
*09/11 103 students from NFISD in HISD; 08/2012 157
*Mellon asks for list of new principals but never writes about
 the constant leadership changes foisted on HISD students
*HISD's rationale for hiring Ronnie Veselka? Because TEA Commissioner
 Scott was going to assign NFISD to HISD...just a coincidence his tenure
 corresponds with bond election?
*Former board member Paula Arnold was hired to promote bond
*Mellon asks about Obama's  deferred action plan for immigration 
*More on Mellon and immigration
*Houston Chronicle trying to find out if then senate candidate Ted Cruz ever
 attended an HISD high school
*Bragging and making excuses at the same time
*Mellon asks for a budget estimate for district funds to be spent on promoting
 the 2012 bond
*HISD spent $49,500 with David Funk to promote 2012 bond and $197,768 overall
*HISD spent 31 cents per voter to win bond election
*Grier, Fryer, and Ed. Sec. Duncan team up for a D.C. speaking engagement
*Securing Children's Future? Founder or spokesperson lives in an apartment in
*Mellon's response to bond video on youtube produced by HISD...
*Mellon asks HISD for SAT scores on day TEA released statewide scores 
*On Sept. 28, 2012, Spencer sent the HISD News Blog to Mellon announcing
 the dedication for four new campuses
*Mellon checks on HISD employee, or former employee, Keith Joseph Young. She was
 on deadline for a story.
*Manuel Rodriguez authorized allocations in October and, overall, trustees added
 50 or so projects to 2007 bond program
after the election - the 2012 election
*Spencer cautions Mellon on "fairness concerns" as Mellon prepares her findings
 on HISD's leave payout policy for publication
*More on HISD's leave policy
*Spencer refers to "super-wasteful" leave time payouts (top email)
*Spencer tells Mellon: You hurt with your words
*$11.5 million in leave payouts over past five years went to campus-based staff

Dallas ISD student beat up teacher and got 204 days in jail as punishment

TEAM Grier announces new principals
From: "Grier, Terry B" <>
Date: May 15, 2013, 10:23:08 AM CDT
To: Chiefs <>, tgSIO <>, Middle School Principals
<>, Elementary School Principals <>, High School
Principals <>
Subject: New Principals

We are pleased to announce the employment of the following new HISD principals. –Terry Grier

Hartsfield Elementary
Alecia Bell
has been selected as the principal of Hartsfield Elementary School. Ms. Bell started her career
with Team HISD in 2003 as a reading teacher at Cullen Middle School. In 2008, she left the classroom to
complete an internship at Hartman Middle School via the inaugural cohort of Houston A+ Regional Principal
Leadership Academy. After working as principal intern at Hartman she continued on with the Hartman family
as the Dean of Instruction. Alecia strengthened her ability as an instructional leader by serving as Dean of
Students at Johnston Middle School and Assistant Principal in charge of the magnet program at Jack Yates Senior High School.

Ms. Bell earned her Bachelor’s degree from Prairie View A&M University in Industrial Engineering Technology
with a minor in Computer Science. Alecia holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration from
Capella University.

Mading Elementary
Lawrence Williams
has been selected as the principal of Mading Elementary School. Mr. Williams began his career
in HISD as an elementary teacher in 2004. He has served as an instructional coordinator. For the past two years,
he has served as the assistant principal at Garcia Elementary School.

Mr. Williams earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Houston and his Master’s in Education
from Texas Southern University. He is currently working on his Doctoral degree in educational leadership from
Texas Southern University.

Clemente Martinez Elementary
Daniel Hernandez
has been selected as the principal of Clemente Martinez Elementary. Mr. Hernandez is a long
standing product and graduate of HISD having proudly served in the roles of teacher aide, teacher and assistant
principal. Mr. Hernandez was selected and completed his principal internship with HISD through their partnership
with Houston A+. This year, he served as the Dean of Students at Fleming Middle School.

Mr. Hernandez graduated from The University of Houston Downtown with his Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary
Studies and his Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. In addition, he earned his principal certification at
Region IV.

Felix Cook Elementary School
Angel Kirby
has been selected as the principal of Cook Elementary School. Ms. Kirby, a product of HISD, graduated from
Madison High School. She is currently serving as an Assistant Principal at Braeburn Elementary. In addition to serving
the district as an Assistant Principal, Ms. Kirby has served in various other leadership positions across elementary
and secondary levels including Instructional Coordinator, Dean of Students and Dean of Instruction.

*Garrett & Huewitt: Most HISD employees repaid their leave time? Really?
*Mellon asks Spencer if auditors have criticized HISD for the advance payroll
Mellon makes Texas Public Information Act request to discover how much HISD
has spent over the last five years paying employees for unused time off and how
 much individual employees were paid
*Mellon to Spencer: Payroll reconcilliation follow-up
Mellon asks Spencer: Is Orlando Riddick leaving?
Mellon looks for info. on NFISD students who transferred to HISD in 2012-13
*Mellon cites Texas Public Information Act to obtain information about Juan A.
 Villarreal (Anderson ES)

*Mellon's bosses want her to find information about AC failures in HISD on Sept. 4, 2012
*Mellon asks Melinda Garrett & Kenneth Huewitt how much extra money HISD would
 have if the district never decided to pay employees the extra check
*Mark Smith to Mellon on HISD enrollment: "big difference" in HISD enrollment
 2012-13 is an increase of 779 students in kindergarten
*70,000 HISD students reading off grade level? Carla Stevens, Assistant Sup
 for Research & Accountability, explains how HISD manipulated testing statistics
 to make that number disappear; insert 50.5%
*Mellon tries to obtain Bond Oversight Committee report
*Mellon asks for daily, school-by-school enrollment/attendance from start of school
 through August 31. 2012
*Mark Smith provides Mellon with attendance/enrollment info.
*Spencer touts HISD students who passed STAAR exams after twoadministrations
  in August 21, 2012 email to Mellon
*Mellon inquires about how schools handled retention decisions without STAAR passing
*Mellon wants to send photographer to schools on first day (August 21, 2012)
*Mellon tries to visit Ryan MS during first week, has contacted teacher Lynette Durant
 who said she wouldn't mind
*Spencer reminds Mellon all HISD has done to accommodate her for opening
 week stories
*Mellon writing opening week story on mother/daughter both going back to school
 Whidby ES

HISD has vacancies for just eight counselors, and one part-time counselor for

career & technology department at 4400 W. 18th St.

HISD May 9, 2013, board meeting video

HISD set cap on Ryan's enrollment at 200 for 2013-14 but only has applications

for 161 students; Community leaders upset with HISD's approach to recruiting:

This is how HISD addresses its prospective principals: Emails sent from "Campus Leadership"
(with so many educrats at 4400 W. 18th St., can't one of them send a personal email??)
Attitude towards prospective principals is condescending,
brisque, impersonal, and disconnected from the real way HISD choses its principals: Who
provides the most political captial to TEAM Grier, Paula Harris, Larry Marshall, Greg Meyers,
and Harvin Moore

HISD Campus Leadership
Subject: Structured Interview
Importance: High

Dear HISD Assistant Principal/Dean,

To advance as an administrator, all candidates complete a centralized screening process which
includes a structured, in-person interview. In reviewing the files of all current Assistant Principals and
Deans within our the district to determine whether or not you have previously participated in this process,
our records indicate that you have not yet completed the structured interview as of

To facilitate completion of the process, you will be scheduled for a structured, in-person interview over the
next two weeks. Please note that your appointment time has been set by your Chief School Officer to best
coordinate all interviews. If you are not able to attend at your appointed time for any reason, please contact
your Chief School Officer as soon as possible to consider other options.

On your scheduled interview day, please report to Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center, 4400 W. 18th
Street, Room 3C02 at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Additionally, please bring a formal resume
and cover letter with you to the interview.

For additional information, please contact your Chief School Officer.

Where: Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center – Room 3C10

Please respond to this email to confirm your attendance.

Thank you.

HISD hates State Senator Dan Patrick's charter school bill because HISD
 wastes so much of its current facilities;  under Patrick's bill it would be required to rent or sell that
unused space to charters

HISD isn't feeling too happy with the latest charter proposal of Sen. Dan Patrick, shown here
with Donna Campbell on the Senate floor.
Sen. Dan Patrick's charter school bill has drawn the ire of the one school district that probably
would have been the most favorably inclined to support it: Houston.
The Houston Independent School District was charter friendly long before other school districts
were, mainly due to the influence of then-superintendent Rod Paige. The nationally known Knowledge
Is Power Program, for instance, probably would not exist on the scale and scope it does today if Paige
hadn't allowed the original campus to co-locate in HISD's existing school district facilities.

Ironically, it is the facilities portion of Senate Bill 2 that has become the sticking point for HISD. Under the
bill, school districts with "unused" or "underutilized" would be required to notify the Texas Education Agency,
which would then post excess property online for charter schools to lease or acquire at the cost of $1.
Continue reading the Houston Press report.

Sterling High School's problems get coverage in the Houston Press;

  Sterling High School, Keeping it all Together
*Sterling students want no part of merger with Jones
*Three principals in five years at Sterling - and probably another when Jones
 merges with Sterling
*Sterling students are locked in behind a gated fence to keep out trouble
 makers who give current principal Dale Mitchell "a run for his money"

Ann Sledge will be working for KIPP

Ms. Sledge was HISD's Assistant Superintendent for Talent Management and the 32nd
highest employee in the district which has 26,903 employees receiving regular salaries.

Ms. Sledge had a falling out with TEAM Grier and was sent adrift. She landed at KIPP.
KIPP's gain is HISD's loss.
KIPP Leadership Design Fellowship

Ericka Mellon comments on emails:

You are making numerous inaccurate leaps in your interpretations of my emails to and from HISD.
For example, simply because HISD emails me AYP data from other districts does not mean that
I do not request the same data from the districts or the TEA. My request for school-level graduation
data does not indicate a lack of independent reporting. The data was not yet available from the TEA
and, in fact, I was pushing HISD to release more than just the district-level graduation rate because I
know that number can often be skewed by higher-performing schools. My email to Spencer asking
“News?” was a simple question in response to his asking if I was out of town.

It is not unusual for reporters to contact the press person for any organization. My emails, of course,
do not cover countless phone calls and contacts well beyond the press office.

*Philadelphia schools lure teachers
with new apartments: from

Ericka Mellon/Jason Spencer interviews
*Julie Baker & Mark Smith split Alicia Thomas' job
*TEAM Grier refuses Mellon's request to visit classrooms - no reason offered
*J. Denise Cantu
directs Mellon to teacher trainings
*McDonough to Bellaire; Veronica Garcia as new Grier bureaucrat
*Have all new schools promised in 2007 bond been built?
*Changes in scope of Carnegie project delayed opening
*To HISD, is "on time" a "moving target?"
*Summer STAAR results & teacher bonuses
*Mellon inquires about attending Apollo literacy classes
*Mellon to Nathan Graf: Does HISD has bus driver shortages?
*Mellon asks Spencer: in HISD terms, what does "on time" mean?
*Spencer out of the country: return May 1 but email sent August 14, 2012
*Mellon wants to know why Carnegie Vanguard opening had been pushed back
*Spencer informs Mellon HISD is Broad finalist
*Mellon asks Spencer if all schools would be ready to open the 2012-13 school year
on time
*When Mellon needs an HISD story, she asks Spencer what to write
*Bond rebuilds would benefit HISD's white, black, and Asian populations more than
*Jason Spencer critical of Houston Chronicle's
beer editorial. Apparently
 he wanted more HISD coverage.
*HISD's solution to Stage 5 AYP schools? According to Jason Spencer's
 flip answer, "We build them new buildings."
*Joe Hill clarifies for Mellon "new" and renovated" cost estimates

HISD welcomes North Forest
while planning to terminate everyone

HISD extends spring application deadline, claiming overwhelming response.
but don't you really think it's


*Spencer emails Mellon Ann Best's farewell statement
*Mellon questions if new Eastwood Academy gets a cafeteria & why
  Sam Houston is being rebuilt when it ranked high on Parsons report
*Spencer forwards to Mellon chance to write story about possible sale of LECJ site
*Bobadilla's fact, or propaganda, sheet about the 2012 bond
*Mellon asked Spencer: Why did HISD inflate the cost of the bond projects? Bellaire
 by $9 million, DeBakey by $11 million

: from
Let Bill Bezten's comments serve as a warning; HISD incumbents Greg Meyers, Harvin
Moore, and Marshall replacement Adams will be well-funded

"Dallas ISD incumbents cruise to re-election" is a very strange headline for this election.
The incumbents needed many times the campaign war chest of their challengers, and not one of them won
with more than 12 percentage points in a very low turnout election. If less than 300 people had changed their
mind, two of them would have lost! In the third campaign there would have been a runoff with les than 10%
fewer votes. That was the best they could do with war chests that were many times their challengers, and with
name recognition from many years on the School Board? If things were going well in DISD they each should
have won by margins that were several times those that actually happened. Is the Dallas Morning News trying
to ignore what is happening in DISD? Such ignoring of the obvious does NOT serve the children of Dallas! Do
you want to re-write this article, and especially the headline?

HISD not alone in passing big bonds
: from

Tax code meant to be fair to homeowners cost HISD $11 million; HISD

spokesman Jason Spencer refused to elaborate when asked: from

Dolcefino loses race to win seat on Katy School Board
lose race in Katy ISD

In the Katy Independent School District, incumbent trustee Joe Adams narrowly defeating former KTRK
(Channel 13) reporter Wayne Dolcefino and Tim Dietz.

Unofficial final returns show Adams got 66 more votes than Dolcefino.

District totals showed Adams with 2,198 votes; Dolefino with 2,132 and Dietz with 185.

Docefino is continuing to advise The Gil Ramirez Group in its lawsuit against Larry Marshall and

Texas House rejects Senate changes to school accountability bill
: from

To demonstrate appreciation of teachers,
here's what you must do: from
"...Whether they want to admit it or not, America's leaders have fallen in line with the dismissal of—if not outright
contempt for—teachers. Talking heads with messages about changing the status quo often use coded language
that means, "Let’s get rid of teachers." For instance, former New York City Department of Education chancellor
Joel Klein based his entire tenure on making teachers work longer hours, even when teachers there already
have the most time with students in the world. Every "pay raise" Klein negotiated with the United Federation of
Teachers came with givebacks that made him trustworthy enough to go on to work as Rupert Murdoch's
consigliere at NewsCorp..."
Continue reading report

Bellaire High School grad Dennis Quad
honored by UH: from

North Forest ISD is still fighting the state
to remain independent.
Federal justice department has been asked to intervene: from

Tutors with computers under fire: from
Anna Eastman speaks up in video about protecting Houston's children. What is
she doing to stop Grier's quota system of firing teachers?

To protect special ed. students, Texas considers requiring cameras in special ed. classrooms

DALLAS — For seven years, Breggett Rideau has pleaded for cameras in the classroom to protect
special education students.

Her son, Terrence Rideau, can't walk, can't talk and can neither feed nor clothe himself. But he looks forward to
horse therapy, which is designed to build his strength and balance.
"He had an adverse reaction to the DPT shot at four months," Rideau explained. "He was born perfectly normal.
It was a vaccine that damaged his brain."

What's more tragic is his experience with special education.

Terrence has come home with broken thumbs, dislocated knees, and Rideau said her son has even
been sexually assaulted by a former teacher.
Continue reading report.

How to resurrect an urban school district

The recent public school test-cheating scandals in Atlanta and Washington D.C. are insidious not only in their impact
on their own communities, but also in feeding a broadly held misperception that urban school districts are beyond
salvaging. Reports suggesting progress in any city are now more likely to be dismissed out of hand as the product
of selective data collection or outright misconduct. That's what makes the case of Cincinnati, Ohio, so interesting and

The Cincinnati school district has improved both test scores and graduation rates since 2003 while -- unlike Atlanta
and Washington -- transparently pursuing highly collaborative reform strategies that, counter to the current trend, don't
rely on rigid hierarchy and punitive accountability. Because Cincinnati has implemented proven instructional approaches
while nurturing a culture in which administrators, teachers, parents, and community groups closely communicate and
work together as teams, the case serves as an important counterweight to the public school stories that have been
dominating the news in the past few years. It also can serve as a roadmap for reversing course from the high-pressure
tactics that gave rise to the cheating scandals and led to little progress elsewhere.
Continue reading report.

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