Signed parental permission slips for birth control in HISD? Not so much

Some Dems have no clue about teacher evaluations
Students hone their boxing skills in SHHS bathroom
HISD's boys in blue use excessive force on screaming SHHS student
"I would fuck that bitch up" ah...another day, another fight, SHHS
Don't forget....the Sam Houston High School lock down because of...fights!
OMG...another fight at SHHS


Last year we had the student riot/walk-out, saw former Principal Jane
Crump get demoted and sent to Chavez (pity Chavez on that one),
complaints that TFAers run the show - and not very well - and now
we have this:

Oh, then there's the video of HISD police officers attacking a Sam 
Houston High School student.


I guess the caveat is if you don't work at SHHS, count your blessings.
HISD considering settlement with Angela Box
Box resigns, gets 3 months pay 
Democracy in Texas? Not if you oppose Koch-GOP

Cronyism is rampant in Grier's kingdom

...and we all have Paula Harris and her good
buddy & campaign financier Frank Jones to
thank for the ridiculously broad contract
written to entice Grier to come to HISD. 

Grier's 2009 contract with HISD.
Baylor's Teen Health Clinic on Worthing HS campus could be under

The accusation against this health clinic is simple: It's giving birth control
pills to students without parental permission.

One parent emailed houstonisdwatch to say she has obtained the vial of
bills issued at the clinic and the parent had no knowledge her daughter
was able to get them at Worthing High School without her knowledge and

HISD knows this could be an explosive issue as abstinence is the official
health care policy for teens in Texas. 

The concern here is not to debate abstinence as a sound educational approach
to teenage sex. The issue is a parent's right to know what their daughters are
ingesting, especially if the meds are coming from a clinic housed on an HISD

HISD is, apparently, aware of the potential mess they have on their hands, answering
TPIA requests from both the parent and houstonisdwatch with a "we don't have
documents responsive to your request."

houstonisdwatch wants to see the signed parental permission slips with redactions
as dictated by FERPA.

The involved parent wanted to see the video of the meeting HISD and Baylor conducted
to inform parents that birth control services would be provided by the clinic.

Baylor advertises "family planning services in its announcement of the clinic on
the HISD web site.

An authority higher than HISD's Public Information Office may need to be involved
to get to the bottom of this issue.
Who wants to be principal of Austin HS?
The job's wide open. SSO Noelia Longoria is foraging for candidates 
right now.

Arredondo promoted to a new position created by Grier, Manuel Rodriguez

Yes, and the administrative bloat under Grier just gets gassier: Arredondo is
the Assistant Superintendent of Family and Community engagement....

His position is not listed in the Dec. 2 2014 salary roster posted here. On
that roster he is still listed as Austin HS principal.
Another take on Grier's obscene bonus approved unanimously by the
HISD school board   

Donetrus Hill reported to be failing at basic school control

The cartoon adaptation of Paula Harris in action, i.e. lying to get her way,
is totally appropriate on a day when parents continue to complain about
Donetrius Hill's leadership, if that's what you call it, at Yates High School.

But the fact that Mr. Hill has been placed at Yates has much more to
do with Paula Harris sticking her nose in business where it doesn't
belong. Everyone knows school board members are not supposed to
interfere with principal selections.

But Grier governs by a quid pro quo strategy that lets his ass-kissers take
off from work whenever they want and allows rogue principals like Jason
Catchings to spend their time equally between school and business (we 
hope Catchings spends as much time dealing with Westbury business as
he does dealing with Jason Catchings Hunting and Fishing Adventures.)

A parent of a Jack Yates High School student sent houstonisdwatch
this video aptly titled "A Normal Day at Jack Yates High School."

Ah, Paula Harris, Terry Grier, and Donetrius Hill, all at their best.

The question District IV residents need to ask is when does Ms. Harris
plan to close Yates High School and sell the land to HEB?

She hasn't been honest about bond allocations in the past and there's no
reason to believe she actually intends to keep Jack Yates High School
open even when she says so.

If UH's floundering athletic programs ever took off, the land Yates sits
on would make a great parking garage.

Pinocchio days are here again.
MBAs create good school principals? Maybe not
Reformers like Grier believe MBAs make good school leaders
Grier has pushed his principals to take advantage of the business
leadership program at St. Thomas.

Should principals be trained like MBAs?

Roy de la Garza at Milby owned a Belgium restaurant for a while. Jason Catchings
actively promotes his Fishing & Hunting Adventures.

But where is the proof managing children is just like managing a business?
What makes Grier's approach any different from the many charter schools
opening up all over the country?

If HISD is in a marketing strategy mode, why is Bellaire High School
over-crowded and neighboring Lee and Westbury have room to grow?

Grier runs the HISD board and his chief BBF and backer, Harvin Moore,
spouts the same philosphy Grier does. Ironically, Moore turns around and
advocates for more specialty schools like the Mandarin Chinese School and
Arabic Immersion School which plays to a very niche market.

But Grier fails to apply marketing principals to his governship of HISD
(markets don't work in education anyway) or he wouldn't have extended
his Apollo model into all the Leverage Leadership schools he and Roland
Fryer have created.

Most marketing researchers identify a dud, a slow mover, a failure, and move on.
Grier realizes he doesn't have to be bothered with the accountability piece in
marketing and he certainly doesn't think negative results should impede the
creation of...well, negative results.

He will continue to hold his salesmen - teachers and school administrators - accountable
for a bad product. Grier and the HISD trustees could and should study the problems
the McDonal'ds corporation is having right now with a 4% decrease in US sales.

Sure there's some talk about improving training of employees, but most of the focus
is on the product Mickey D's is trying to sell.

In HISD, Grier is selling unbridled weekly bench mark testing and unreasonable
expectations and pressure on teachers.

He sold Apollo, renamed it, and now calls it Leverage Leadership. 
Even advertising on craigslist isn't helping HISD find teachers
HISD leadership may think its great all over, and the trustees think
they're great all over by not answering citizen emails and wanting to
flee the scene when the community speaks, but the word outside
HISD is to stay as far away from this district as possible.

Sorry, Mr. Houlihan, prospective teachers aren't buying what you're

Grier, trustees knew John Modest was
not certified to be principal of Worthing
but appointed him anyway

Contract: John Modest
SBEC certification: John Modest

With so many other certified candidates, why
did the board and Grier allow this to happen?
Check out his certifications. Mr. Modest didn't
rush to gain certification.

A concerned citizen from the Worthing community field a complaint
against HISD for this appointment.
2013-14 Accreditation status for Texas public school districts
And, remember, during this rating period Commissioner Williams was under the gun
to produce satisfactory (and, in HISD's case, inflated) ratings. School boards
and superintendents were concerned about the fallout on them if schools were
rated on rigorous STAAR standards.

New Texas accountability system
I taught at the worst performing schools in Texas: What reformers get all wrong
Grading Texas: Vouchers are not an education solution:

Dan Patrick voted
worst legislator in Texas
in 2013 by Texas Monthly

Patrick says 100,000 Texas
students are on waiting list
to attend charter schools

Lone Star crazy: How right
wing extremists took over

HISD makes no dent in reducing teacher vacancies: 112 openings for teachers
76 for instructional personnel

Stipeche's saint routine is wearing thin
*As board president, she has not stopped
any of Grier's policies  that harm teachers and

*She was aware of Roland Fryer's return to HISD
in the summer  and asked a few questions about it,
but then did nothing to stop  it...thus we have the Leverage
Leadership nonsense going on

*She voted to award Larry Marshall for his service in HISD, a move
 on her part to solidify her probability of becoming board president

*She leads no opposition to Grier. As much as HFT supports her
 records show she votes with the majority to terminate HISD teachers

*She did not speak up in support of Atherton teachers

*She arrived late to the Dodson meeting and tried to hide in
 the back; she was impotent in her attempts to keep the school open

Ms. Stipeche has not won landslide victories in District VIII. The black
community feels betrayed by her. 

The so-called opposition to Grier consisting of Stipeche,
Lunceford, and Eastman, has been pathetic. 

There is no opposition to Terry Grier on this current board.

Ms. Stipeche and Mr. Lunceford, as well as Manuel Rodriguez and
Paula Harris, are up for reelection in 12 months.

It's time to consider a clean slate. It's time to get them all out
of office.
HISD trustees, once again, tell community to F* off 
When HFT tells us we have to support Stipeche for reelection, we should
remember this: Board votes six figure bonus for Grier
Grier gets his way: Wheatley High School destroyed
Residents feel betrayed by HISD

Texas to close 14 charter school operators
Board agenda for Dec. 11, 2014
Cut/paste board agenda

Greetings from the Chiefs



This should be more worrisome than anything going
on in HISD because you can leave HISD...but the entire
fabric of U.S. public education is being purchased by
the Koch-GOP. Koch bought and paid for the GOP. Now t
hey want to destroy U.S. public schools.


The Grier circus continues: They come, they look around, they go
Latest HISD salary report Dec. 8, 2014

Great all over?  LMAO

Jason Catchings wants you to
buy his fishing and hunting
wares...oh, and he's Grier's
minion at Westbury HS

Wainright era may be regarded fondly by Westbury veterans

First off, do the Westbury parents  know what the hell is going
on at their high school?

Do they care that Grier's unethical vendetta against veteran teachers is
being carried out by someone who is no better than a hack mid-manager
who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his own business growing.

Should we oppose principals who also run businesses?  Have you ever
been a principal or assistant principal? Probably not. You have no idea
how much time the job requires, that is, if your superintendent is really
interesting in running a community school and if you feel, as longtime
former Bellaire Principal Bill Lawson did, that the principal needs to be
seen at every major school event.

Grier has no regard for HISD's communities. He apparently has no
use for veteran teachers, either, as his minion at Westbury just
targeted two high profile HFT members and told them on Friday
not to return.

This is just the beginning, though. Everywhere Grier lays his hands,
chaos emerges. Welcome to rumble, Westbury.

And if there are any parents with clout left in the beleaguered community, 
the time to speak up is slipping away.
Redistricting HISD to give former NFISD residents more clout
One of the easier jobs in HISD?  Teaching JROTC at Bellaire High School
There are classes at BHS that are reported to have as many as 45 students
in one section. Bellaire is a school of choice because parents whose children
are zoned to Westbury, Madison, and Lee find ways to get their kids into

That speaks volumes about the standards and achievement at Bellaire. But
in an overcrowded school with overcrowded P.E. classes and electives, why
haven't Bellaire's three JROTC instructors done more to recruit students?
After all, JROTC provides excellent training for students in developing self-
discipline and working as a team.

Traditionally, the failure goes two ways. The Bellaire administration has never
asked its JROTC department to do more than stand at attention and post of
colors at events.  There seems to be unwillingness on the part of the administration
to promote JROTC for fear of offending its moneyed class of students.

Of course, that's fallacious reasoning reasoning expecially when looking at
Bellaire' s enrollment.

houstonisdwatch obtained these JROTC enrollment figures through a TPIA

Perhaps Bellaire's three JROTC instructors who together serve less  than 300
students could enlighten us. Maybe assumptions are wrong. 

ASPIRE bonuses went to campuses where
achievement is usually not in question.

When will bonuses go to the teachers working
with the hardest-to-reach kids?

Debakey, Bellaire, Carnegie-Vanguard teachers
benefited the most...but is this the way the system
was intended to work?

Anna Eastman's double standard: at home vs. HISD 
So let's see...what does Ms. Eastman really have going for her at this point?
Wasn't her unwillingness to extend Grier's never-ending contract years ago?

Didn't she vote to give Larry Marshall recognition and $$ upon his scandal-
smeared retirement?

Hasn't she always voted to hold teachers to the highest standards even when
the expectations are unreasonable and disruptive to the classroom environment?

Of, that's right, almost forgot...Anna Eastman never taught in HISD.

Does Anna Eastman answer emails? No, unless they are praising her...
but on that note, is it fair to hold her to a standard none of her colleagues

As a regular board meeting attendee pointed out, the parade of citizens at the end
of the board meetings generates more disinterested looks and rush to the cell phones
than actual board members caring...

What goes on in families should stay in families except when what goes on involves
harming the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico.

While Ms. Eastman wears the self-appointed mantle of sainthood, her husband is busy
defending BP associate partner Cameron in their quest to avoid paying for the
damage they caused by the Macondo blowout back in 2010.

Read what the Houston Business Journal has to say about Anna's hubby Brad Eastman.

For Anna integrity and public service are good attention-grabbers but don't bring them into
her personal life.
Bellaire High School final 2013-14 PEIMS discipline report
*Based on the final PEIMS submission submitted to T.E.A., 90 Bellaire students
 were assigned to alternative campuses in 2013-14 
*Total of 1,688 violations of the Student Code of Conduct logged by Bellaire 
 personnel based on 1,591 incidents
*39 instances of mutual combat/fighting
(houstonisdwatch obtained this information through a TPIA request)
Winning lawsuits against HISD
Lawsuit settlements usually include a silence clause to keep parties from divulging
the terms of settlement. houstonisdwatch has learned that several of the parties mentioned
on this site were successful in either getting the district to admit wrong-doing or obtaining
financial compensation from HISD. No more details can be disclosed.
Teacher vacancies in HISD inch up to 105 for teachers and an additional 72 for
for instructional personnel